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Devilspeak: Unearth Hell

Devilspeak offer an unflinching thrash single ahead of their latest EP.

29 Sep 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

Devilspeak’s latest single ‘Unearth Hell’ is the first from their forthcoming EP “See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil”. It’s a track rooted in thrash that delivers uncompromisingly on heaviness with a few surprises thrown in.

A shuffling introduction sets the song up but it’s not long before we’re in full-on thrash territory. While drums and guitar plod along mercilessly Jarred Williams screams like a rabid animal, or at the very least, a man possessed. He achieves a balanced mid-register tone that’s somehow guttural but searing at the same time. Both the duration of sung notes and the register vary enough to keep things interesting so all round, the vocals are a massive selling point for this track.

Harmonically, Devilspeak’s leanings are toward American heavy metal and thrash with a clear nod to the old school. There isn’t that much dissonance actually because it’s the force with which it’s delivered that makes it so aggressive. Personally I did notice the absence of a raucus guitar solo but that’s by no means a requirement. Much like the introduction, the bridge breaks away from the usual. It’s a breakdown that unwinds slowly as the tempo drops for a memorable addition to an already interesting track.

‘Unearth Hell’ sees Devilspeak delivering thrash metal with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine. They are most certainly a band at the top of their game and as such the upcoming EP will be one to watch out for.

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Listen to ‘Unearth Hell’ below.