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Fresh Flex Friday #18

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

1 Sep 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

It’s a new month with allusions of seasonal changes. This week’s selection of music is drenched in emotion. Both loss and hope, some love but also a lot of heartbreak. Anthems for standing your ground, reminders that life is fleeting and can end at any moment. Inspiring productions from new generations and absolute legends. Add this to your collection and then phone someone you love and remind them why you do.

Sean Munnick – Nasty

The P.E.-based production wizard is back again with a breakbeat dream featuring a Notorious BIG sample. Warm groovy bassline, nostalgic sampling and a shoulder shaking drum rhythm – all the elements you need to guarantee a pleasing booty shaker.

Moonchild Sanelly – F-boyz

She may not say it outright, but we all need an anthem to ward off the demon fuccbois possessing our good times. Moonchild Sanelly has never been one to care what others think and this track is a deep breath just before we run out of air.

Surreal Sessions – Let It Bheng

The new generation of producers in SA are prolific before they have even left high school. It’s also inspiring to hear them tackling genres from different regions and adding their own flavours. This track came out a few weeks ago, but deserves a mention.

Twin Weaver – Circular

I love this band. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to find them. Circular sounds like the lovechild of M83 and The Pixies, grungy guitars, punchy drums, ambient breakdowns and dreamy vocals. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

Tzara – Out Of The Panic (Into Fire)

Tzara is South Africa’s Grimes. She has a distinct voice that blends into her productions as if it were another instrument. Unafraid to experiment with her music, the risks taken are bold and exciting. She is making music we are just not hearing from her counterparts on the scene, and it’s time more people pay attention.

Jumping Back Slash – SAD DAMAGE

An emotional and engaging journey. “It’s about losing family and it’s about fire.” I truly herald an artists ability to convey the intensity and brevity of their lived experience through the music they make. This release is so chilling and inspiring, you would be doing yourself a grave disservice by not exploring its depths.

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