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Irinami: Lovesick

An exciting follow-up fuelled by an authentic, emotional discord.

5 Sep 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Romanian-born, Durban-bred and Capetonian-based singer-songwriter Irinami (aka Irina Buzdugan) has a remarkable ability to transform an array of styles into an effortlessly free-flowing composition. Having achieved notable early success with her debut single ‘Hold Tight’ charting all over the show (perhaps most noteworthy, reaching #1 on the 5FM SA Top 30), Buzdugan’s latest offering breathes new life into a mammoth of a shadow.

‘Lovesick’ exhibits everything from ’80s pop to the emotive ’30s-esque jazz temperament. Paying particular attention to highlight the turbulent, soul-stirring progression of break-ups, Irinami bravely confronts the hurt, confusion, fragility and nostalgia. “It’s an internal affliction with feelings of rejection, confusion and unrequited love,” expresses Buzdugan. “It makes you feel sick to your stomach, quite literally.”

Consistently accompanied by an instrumental section following suit, the artist’s approach appears admirably consuming to say the least. “Writing is therapy for me. I never bottle it up,” admits Buzdugan. She is aware of the fact that emotional strife and authentic artistic expression aren’t mutually exclusive concepts, and uses this as a catalyst for writing. “When I’m hurting, I mean really hurting, that’s when I feel most alive. So, I turn my pain into pleasure and make it art.”

Working with renowned producer Raiven Hansmann, ‘Lovesick’ encompasses bright, albeit melancholy piano lines against a dense percussion backdrop. Irinami’s soulful, whispery vocal tone is encaptivating, particularly shining when accompanied by a strong string and marimba section towards the track’s culmination.

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