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Jamie-Lee Sexton: Making Her Own Magic

Wading the unfamiliar waters of a solo career with her debut offering.

8 Sep 2017 / Interview / written by Timothy Kohler

Having recently invested nearly everything into a potentially-prosperous solo career, Jamie-Lee Sexton encompasses qualities many would emphasise essential to going it alone.

Haven recently launched her debut single ‘Magic’, I caught up with the noticeably buoyant songsmith on parting with her band of 3 years, The Sextons, inspiration and influence as well as gearing towards a more personal narrative.

Timothy Kohler: First, to address a possible elephant in the room, what provoked you to recently initiate your solo project, as opposed to continuing with The Sextons? Additionally, does this imply an upcoming culmination of the group?

Jamie-Lee Sexton: Let’s start with the elephant, I have always been a solo artist at heart and going back to my roots is in pursuit of achieving personal goals. The Sextons was a beautiful journey, but for today this (Jamie-Lee Sexton) is my future.

TK: Your debut single, ‘Magic’, appears to be centred around nostalgia, particularly that of your childhood. Is there something about adulthood’s constraints and responsibilities which inspired this theme?

JS: Yes, ‘Magic’ has come from my childhood, my adolescence, and my current adulthood. ‘Magic’ wasn’t based on the limitations of adulthood but rather on the limitless notion that adulthood possesses. ‘Magic’ also makes the ride a touch more interesting.

TK: Following from ‘Magic’, your debut EP is said to encompass further personal experience. Are there specific topics the album seeks to exhibit?

JS: There are a few topics I am exploring in the EP namely, my spiritual self, love and the many aspects surrounding it, the good side of life and Magic.

TK: What made you decide on Crighton Goodwill, the SAMA award-winning chosen producer, to work with you on the album?

JS: I have been asked this a couple of times and I always come back to the same conclusion, I absolutely love his energy, his work ethic, and his ability to understand and elevate the creative side of me.  This combination sealed the deal for me.

TK: The Sextons’ work resides predominantly in an alternative pop-esque field. Will your solo work seek to flee from this narrative, or fall not too far from the tree?

JS: Writing and composing music for my current solo project and previously for The Sextons, I have always been intrigued with the alternative pop genre and for now I have decided to remain in that genre. But this time around I will be adding elements of myself whilst experimenting and exploring with an array of sounds that I will be incorporating into this EP.

TK: What can we expect from a live performance of your solo work, distinguishing itself from that of The Sextons?

JS: You can expect a high energy performance, more electronic sounds, an assortment of instruments, talented musicians, and a hell of a good time!

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Listen to “Magic” below.