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Liqui-Fruit Invests In SA’s Emerging Talent To Make Charts This Summer

Two songs. One winner. You decide. While you stand the chance to win awesome weekly prizes.

5 Sep 2017 / Press Release / written by TATC Staff

Liqui-Fruit has launched the new Feel Fully Alive campaign, a movement that celebrates explosive, liquid fruit goodness to make us all feel most alive.

This campaign will come to life through the power of music. Two local emerging bands will battle it out and have produced songs that encompasses what it means to Feel Fully Alive. Consumers will have the chance to vote for their favourite with the winning song becoming the soundtrack to the Liqui-Fruit TV ad.

Exceptionally talented artists: Singer Jameel Webster, who teamed up with producer Rowan Blem; and singer Phathiswa Magangane who paired with guitarist James Cross, were selected by Liqui-Fruit to compose a song that will reflect the brand’s rejuvenating campaign.

To create the next summer hit song, the artists spent three weeks at Cape Town’s We Love Jam studios perfecting their song-writing craft under the guidance of industry experts, Hylton Mowday, Arnold Vermaak and Jeremy de Tolly and the result was a selection of music inspired by the brand’s energetic summer campaign.

“The Liqui-Fruit brand has always celebrated invigorating experiences that make one feel fully alive, which is why for this campaign we have selected music as the perfect channel to express that feeling. To bring this to life, we made use of our extensive talent network to source and review around 200 artists, then shortlisted around 60 potential musicians and had them come in for an idols-style casting session where we selected our finalists. We’re excited about this initiative and our aim is to give emerging artists a platform to collaborate and work with music mavericks in order to create a refreshing new sound that will inspire our consumers to Live Life Fully” comments Lienkie van Eeden, Liqui-Fruit’s Brand Manager.

Phathiswa and James’ song titled “Summer Dreams” paints a vibrant picture which gives the listener a nostalgic summer feeling. Jameel & Rowan composed a funky singalong tune “Ready to Go” that be a hit with festival goers this summer.

To be part of the campaign, consumers are encouraged to follow the action on social media and vote for their favorite song, which will be used as the brand’s TV soundtrack.

You can get involved by going to their Facebook and voting for your favorite song or visit for more information.