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MOONGA K. Releases Single & Album Pre-order

PREMIER: An authentic voice that cuts through the noise.

29 Sep 2017 / Opinion / written by Tecla Ciolfi / Pics by Shannon Daniels

MOONGA K. is undoubtedly one of the most interesting artists to emerge over the course of the last year.

His talent and persistence has led to his inclusion in both Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies line-ups this year and ahead of both highly anticipated performances, he’s announced the pre-order for his new album “Wild Solace” and released his next single ‘Let Go’.

Conceptulised alongside Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe) and childhood friend Andrew Williams, “Wild Solace” has been a project almost a year in the making.

When asked about the chosen oxymoron title for his debut album MOONGA K. explained, “I put the words together as the message is about finding peace within chaos. Each song talks about issues we face in life like unrequited love, friendship, death, happiness and all the madness in between which makes life somewhat oxymoronic but we’re able to find a calm with them and balance it out, and I think that makes us brave so, this record attempts to portray that.”

Following on from his initial EP release “Free”, which placed a large degree of focus on lyrical and vocal quality, single ‘Let Go’ exudes a lush and textured composition atop which characteristically soulful vocals are layered. When asked about the essence of the song MOONGA K. commented, “It’s about doing whatever you want in order to take off the unnecessary stress life brings. I wrote it in a difficult time and it’s a song that I hope brings hope, unusual dance moves and hopefully makes people fall in love.”

My feeling is that MOONGA K. has a more than a few stories to share and, if he sticks to this kind of songwriting, could become an authentic voice in and amongst the noise.

Pre-order “Wild Solace” on iTunes.

Download ‘Let Go’ on iTunes.

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