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Oppikoppi Announce Free Tickets For Special Mangoes

Born between the 2nd and 8th of October? There could be a ticket with your name on it.

5 Sep 2017 / / written by TATC Staff

Every year Oppikoppi select a special group of people to gift festival tickets to and this year’s criteria is a bit more general than most so you might be in with a good chance. Check out the official word from the festival below.

October, the month of beer and rock ‘n roll is now officially the month of the mango and we’re celebrating. Each year we select a group of individuals to gift with OppiKoppi festival tickets, August babies have had all the fun, now it’s Libra’s turn. In honour of our Mangofest this year, if you were born on 2-8 October there could be a free #OK23MangoPicker ticket with your name on it. All you need to do is send your proof of birthday (ID or driver’s license) to (subject line October Birthday), the first 100 valid entries will get it. It’s that simple. Additionally, we’re going to attempt a record-breaking birthday cheers on Saturday 7 October with the lovely folks at Jägermeister. Your attendance is Mangotory. 

October babies, ready, set, (man)go. 

UPDATE: Those 100 tickets are now gone. However if you are over the age of 65 there’s a free ticket with your name on it. Simply email with proof of your birthday (ID or driver’s license).

P.S If you were #blessed with a birthday in any of the other months of the year you can still score free tickets, maybe. Show us your mangoes, answer some questions.

If we pick you, you can win a sweet behind-the-scenes OppiKoppi experience for two people with tickets to the festival, a tented hotel, vintage OppiKoppi merchandise, a pre-loaded cashless card and meet and greets with some of the festival’s hottest artists. 

On the subject of mangoes, we’ve got a lovely playlist bunch lined up on our Apple Music and Deezer curator accounts, for your listening pleasure #KnowYourMango 

Get a spring in your step, the season’s about to get messy, with your favourite rock n roll-ish soiree celebrating its inaugural springtime edition. 

With warmer nights and tropical shirts abound, OppiKoppi is set to become the biggest beach party in the bushveld. Dust is a kind of sand, and orange is our favourite colour. Trust.