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Win With Afristay Ahead Of RTD & Koppi

Stand a chance to win a voucher to spend on guesthouse accommodation in Darling & Northam.

7 Sep 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

Rocking The Daisies and Oppikoppi are fast approaching, and for those who don’t relish the idea of spending 3 nights in a tent or worse, your car, we’ve partnered with Afristay to give you an alternative accommodation option.

Afristay is giving a voucher away to the value of R2000 for one lucky person to spend on accommodation in Darling or Northam over the course of the Rocking The Daisies and Oppikoppi weekend.

All you have to do to enter is drop a comment on the bottom of this post and tell us your worst, most dreaded camping story. Relive those crippling childhood memories if you have to, this prize is worth it.

The winner of the voucher will be announced and contacted via email on Friday the 22nd of September. *Ts & Cs below apply.

*The and Texxandthecity competition is only open to entrants 18 years and older.

*The prize is R2000 toward an accommodation booking made on and does not include transport or meals not specified.

*The competition is not open to:

2.1. directors, members, partners, agents, employees or consultants of or any supplier of goods or services in connection with a competition; and

2.2. the spouse, life partner, business partner or associate, or the natural or adopted parent, child, or sibling

13 responses to “Win With Afristay Ahead Of RTD & Koppi”

  1. Melissa Sutherland says:

    Oh my! My worst camping experience was at the one and only Oppikoppi! Me and 5 of my friends stayed in a 9 sleeper tent (sounds great). After the first night the tent was broken and there were a few pieces of it missing, some drunk guy fell on the tent and broke the one side. So first of all we couldn’t get in the tent properly because the one side was just hanging there. And second of all the tent was open, so we freezed our asses off… but Oppikoppi is ALWAYS worth it! No matter what! This is a lovely competition! I’d love to win this!

  2. anisha_singh says:

    When I was young, my dad loved taking us camping especially if was near a river filled with catfish! Well on one occasion, he took us to a beautiful campsite near Albert Falls in Natal. Let’s just say, things were jinxed from the start like the fact that he forgot the sleeping bags and the tent posts. Being the hero that he was, he improvised and the tent was up and we were ready to go fishing. We managed to catch a catfish or barbel( as he called it). It was the ugliest fish I ever saw! Guess what was for dinner that evening? You guessed, barbel al la carte! It was the most disgusting thing I tasted and I just ate it to appease my dad who was trying so hard to be gallant! Within a few minutes, my tummy started rumbling in a bad way. Dad had forgotten the toilet rolls! Could this camp get any worse? I could just imagine my mum wrapped in her luxury gown relaxing at home. In her shriveled voice, ” I told you not to go with him!”. But I took it in my stride as I found ab spot to do my business in the bush. And being the young Jane of the jungle, leaves could pass as baby soft toilet rolls right? After that experience, I sat around the fire roasting marshmallows with my dad as he told us scary stories. It was blissful. Even though I had a backache and was had a spider bite that was the size of a saucer, it was the best experience. My dad passed away a few months later and I was devastated yet happy that I spent this moment with him. Nowadays, when I go camping with my family and I notice the brightest star, I feel one with my dad who I know would be smiling at how I turned out! And no I don’t eat barbel!

  3. Madeline Behrens says:

    In December 2005, my first Botswana trip, we were staying at Third Bridge Campsite in Moremi National Park. We found out about the campsite through photos of a friend going earlier in the year, and on their last night partied quite hard and didn’t notice the leopard chilling in the tree above their tent until after the photos were developed.

    So on our second day we went out for a game drive and came back to our camp in which all our tent flaps were wide open. Things strewn everywhere. The large first aid kit was wide open, multiple tablet strips bitten into( all the Rennies were gone) and the multiple childproof containers contents had been strewn everywhere. Baboons were able to open the heavy duty zips on the tents and went into every tent(except my brother’s, which was already messy).

    The last night at the camp(I already went to bed) all the grown ups and teens went to the river for some reason, all of a sudden our ex game ranger friend bolts and shouts RUN as a hippo comes around the corner and starts chasing after the group. Everyone high tails it out of there, my mom saw a blonde blur go past her, and my brother had bolted past the entire group and got to safety.

    On the way to Third Bridge we encountered massive puddles in the road and had to pull out a guy who had been stuck in a puddle for 4 hours and he and his partner had finished the last of their beer while waiting for help.

    Two years later we went to the same camp, where this time rogue hyena’s started hanging out in the area, and in a case a few months before we left, a young girl’s ear was bitten off as she was dragged into the bushes. Fortunately for us the hyena’s only tried to take a bite out of a cooler box.

  4. Micheal Valentine says:

    I have not one not two but three really bad camping experiences! ⛺️
    Wouldn’t say I’m the most keen on going camping but my friends definitely find more than just fun in it, so myself and my girlfriend have to join. You know FOMO and all…
    In 2013, we decided to go on camping close to home, in magliesburg where we were promised luxurious views, bathroom and warm shower facilities all for R40 pp a night. Needless to say when we arrived all we got were dusty roads along a zip lining tour, a very short long drop and a hose pipe with black bag shower curtains in the middle of a field!🚥
    Second camping trip/experience was the annual FITS festival in Durban 2015, a little more prepared but our first time camping at a music festival. We learnt vital rule of keeping your cooler box at all times especially if it is filled with alcohol (ours got stolen) and having to endure going to nasty toliets blocked with condoms and two communal showers for thousands of people. Note to self wet wipes are essential. 🍻
    Thirdly, a trip to the beautiful drakensburg mountains in 2016. Before even arriving at our camp site, we were met with tertiours roads and pouring rain, to an 8 hour hike in icy rain. We finally reach our camping destination when the high speed winds started wrestling with our Basic cheap tent. To top it off this was one of the coldest weekends of the year. 🌬🌬
    And to top it off our trip to dullstroom when we so unforgivingly forgot our tent sail. Open windows the entire weekend 🙈

  5. Peter Lacey says:

    I’ve been to loads of festivals, let’s say 50 nights in total. I have never, ever, and by that I mean never, slept in the tent I took with me for that express purpose. I have, however, slept in a car, under a car, next to a fire (which almost killed me), backstage, on stage, side stage, and even in the bar. But never in my tent. So truth be told I don’t have a worst camping story, because I have no idea what it is like to camp. So best I win the prize, so I never have a story to tell.

  6. Thabz Ngubane says:

    I’d never been camping before in my entire life. Didn’t even own a tent. I then met this beautiful exotic girl from Mozambique. She looked like something out of a FHM calendar. After 3 dates she says she’s wanted to go camping. I tell her it’s on. Great chance to spend a weekend with her. A week later I run to the mall. Load up on camping stuff. I still knew nothing about camping. We set the date & she gives me the location. Off we go. Huge smile all the way. Took me an hour to set up the tent. I didn’t even know what half the stuff was for. The night came & I was already exhausted. I forgot to get food. We’re both hungry. We decide to chill in my super tent. It’s summer so hello mosquitos. After an hour of bonding she fell asleep & I was left to fight off the irritating blood suckers by myself. Woke up the next morning itching all over – they won. I’m still hungry. My entire body in pain. She Went to find food wherever & I was alone to pack everything, which took another hour. Didn’t even bring a toothbrush so no smoothes for me. What was supposed to be the best weekend of my life turned out to be a nightmare.

  7. εσωστρεφής says:

    Wow this one is confusing and a lot😂😂😂😂 when I was 12 my family took a road trip/ camping trip with my mom’s best friend and her family as well as my grandparents. So we were squished up in two cars on a 6 hour drive(from Harare to Nyanga) and only arrived in at around 11 pm; we’d left late because people packed late and we’d lost the car keys for a bit, it was a mess😂😂 It was raining cats and dogs and it was pitch black, no road signs so obviously we got lost. As we drove down a mud road we saw a man walking in the rain like nothing was weird about it. So my mom stops and asks for directions and he gave a very confused response, so we said thanks and left the man, afterwhich everyone in the car laughed at the man assuming he was drunk. Everyone laughed except my grandmother, “Don’t laugh he could be a ghost and curse us”. Grandma what? We reached a deadend, so my mother turned the car around and as she attempted to drive back, the car sank deeper and deeper into the mud. We were stuck and there was no getting out and no car could get close to us in fear of getting stuck too. So my mom and aunt decided to walk, in the dead of night to look for help and left us in the car. It would have been fine if there weren’t four people squashed in the backseat and I was the smallest, I couldn’t even move my hands. My mom’s friends son was sitting next to me, a big guy that takes up A LOT of room, he’s my age and I had a little crush on me so I forced myself to stay awake and jerked up everytime I started dozing off. BUT THEN this dude falls asleep with no problem and plops his head on top of mine and starts DROOLING ON ME. I couldn’t even push him because I was weighed down. Now I had to sit in the car full of snoring people and drool on my head for the whole night until help arrived at 9 a.m

  8. kabelo says:

    my worst camping experience happened in between the new years when me and a couple of my mates went Smoking Dragon Fest we got there on a Saturday and the rain was pouring and pouring, we had not set up camp or picked a camp spot and the lads were already popping bottles and drinking tequilas. i spotted an abandoned gazebo tent as i walked away from the crazy crew into the gazebo i met a couple, they were in their late 40’s and they were so cool, they joined me in the tent and asked me if they can wait the rain out, only to find out we were all in the same predicament. The lady quickly introduced herself and the man was busy smiling and offered me a smoke. We had a long chat while blazing and for an hour or so i was feeling happy to have met such kind and humble people until the crew came running under the Gazebo causing a rawkus that i had to chase them away from the peaceful couple. we left and had to put away our gear and one of my friends organised for a lady to chuck away our stuff, we went to the stage and had an awesome jol, i met beautiful people and one of em was a lady from Germany and we instantly clicked till some guy came to me and said”that is my girlfriend” i looked at the girl in confusion and she had this face of a crazy person about to do something. She slapped the guy and called out his name, she then grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to a different stage. I swear the guy was following us but i could not see him, as i was now taken by the beauty and free spirit that is this girl. One thing led to another but i won’t say festival secrets hahaha. I took her to where i left my stuff because the rain was drizzling and we both had a lil too much, we just wanted to spoon the night away. we got there and the lady said oh one of your friends took the tents already, i asked her what he looked like and she described someone i am not familiar with, i was pissed, fuming and in fest love. The girl said we will sort it out let us go to my camp site… laughing, smiling and tashing on the music was loud we both did not care, we were free animals in the wild. we got to here campsite, chilled in her tent for hours then someone just tried to get in the tent calling out her name “Sarah” and she unzipped, peaked and just paused. she went out of the tent and there was an argument, she was yelling and i got out too. i saw the same guy from ealier on trying to calm down the girl and i notice all of my stuff, including my friends gear on the grass and then sarah grabbed my hand and said he “stole your S#***t because of jealousy” i was confused and a bit angry,i just laughed and sarah said “lets leave, lets go to your friends” i refused because if they knew what that twaat had done it was just going to end up in violence. we took all of the stuff, picked out a spot and setup tent but my tent was torn with a sharp object from corner to corner, i was now furious but took out another tent and it was missing all the clamps and accessories. i looked at sarah and we checked the tents but somehow someone messed with all of em. we both knew who it was, she then said “come give us a peck because i am leaving” she then proceeded to leave, i was angry not because she left but because now i have to explain to my mates what happened to our tents and now i lost a beautiful girl too. I was heartbroken by the situation, i just left all that kak there and just told myself “no sleep tonight, ill sort this situation tomorrow” i took a bottle of Olmeca and came back the next morning from the dance floors. i saw friends just waiting for me and i could see their faces they were angry with disappointment, thinking i took our stuff and probably left them out to get slashed and damaged. that was my worst campingexperience

  9. Naledi says:

    So I was still in high school and a mate of mine was dating a varsity girl.

  10. Naledi says:

    My first and only camping experience was in grade 7. With my new school went on to this ‘resort’ that really looked like one of those American polygamy compounds that always get raided by the FBI.
    It was a a terrible week of being picked last for teams (if at all), gross food, mattresses easily confused with giant flatbread and just being a lone wolf in my wolfpack.
    But I eventually made kiff mates at that school, one of which is my bestie that I’ll hopefully be rocking the daisies with thanks to ya’ll!!!

  11. Nompumelelo Shabangu says:

    Worst camping experience has to be 5years ago when I attended my 1st Oppikoppi *Sweet Thing* back in 2012…after reading all the do’s and don’t the survival tips etc… I mean I even had a checklist for my checklist but really no matter how prepared I was, it was never enough. The number of blunders range from picking the worst dustiest camping spot along boom street, it was soo dusty that even the food we prepared had dust all over…then there was a couple of guys we befriended only to find them passed out in my tent already on the 1st night(Thursday) all I could do was resort to sleeping in the car hmm I thought I could bear the leather seats due to the comfort of my blanket well but noo I didn’t even last 3hours in the back seat of my old mazda this due to the below zero night temperature at Northam plus oppi in 2012 was same week as the snowfall, so you can just imagine. After I abandoned the car, I think I wore every warm piece of clothing I packed then I decided to go back to the party and find the redbull stage still pumping, but it still didn’t matter how much alcohol was in my blood I was still freezing yet I saw the crack of dawn at that stage…went back to my campsite to curl up in a camp chair next to the fire eventually sleep found me. Sadly in now time it was 6/7am the rude awakening by the scorching sun…i knew no sleep the rest of that weekend. The worst part was after packing up on Sunday as we were ready to drive off on of our tires had a slow puncture and the spare we had was also flat…thanks to the festival organisers we were able to get help…memories don’t live like people do😂

  12. Raphael says:

    Well has any camping experience ever been a success…
    We love camping so much we do it quite often but not once have we been sorted .We Always seem to forget some crucial item .We once forget our whole bed .Ok so picture this we have had a really small 2 man tent for the past 5 years and never upgraded because it makes it way more fun too have a rock piercing your back all night with someones knee in the chest and by no means does anyone seem to make space for everyone else .We have slept 4 grown adults with our legs sprawled out on new years day at the vaal dam in the blistering sun from a hangover.we love the adventure and the memories camping has given us .Even though most people would opt for a hotel or a luxury stay we love waking up with the dirt in between our toes .I would love to add rocking the daisies or oppikoppi as an adventure on our bucket list that we got to make memories with 🙂
    Thank you enjoy your day

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