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Alexandra May: Like You Do

An admirable indie-pop direction, albeit the best is yet to come.

3 Oct 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Following the success of two singles ‘Amazing’ and ‘Highlights’ (still not managing to get their choruses out of my head), local pop songsmith Alexandra May is back with ‘Like You Do’. Accompanied by her newly formed band The MAYze, the track’s her first release since her recent departure from David Gresham Records.

With the goal to exhibit a more edgy facet, May describes the track as, “part of my new journey, the new spaces I am exploring.” Coupled with a focused performance video, ‘Like You Do’ indeed showcases characteristics of the songwriter yet to be revealed.

Primarily driven by a rhythmic indie-pop chord progression resembling that of Walk The Moon, it’s not difficult to recognise that ‘Like You Do’ is predominantly a love song. The explosive, pop wall of sound and the repetitive chorus line “Nobody loves me like you do” coincide well as a line to stick to the mind – an unhinging characteristic May’s renowned for. Additionally, the unexpected The 1975-esque palm-muted guitar parts add a great flare to the song, but ultimately I believe May’s best works are yet to come.

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