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Charlie Finch: Life’s Journey

A strong debut packed with memorable lyrical moments.

9 Oct 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Elmarie Kruger

Charlie Finch, who has been showcasing his talents both as home and abroad for several years now, has finally released his debut album “Life’s Journey”.

Opener ‘Into the Woods’ is strong and leads into ‘Stay the Winter’, a bouncy acoustic track which features a strong, memorable chorus that highlights Finch’s honest lyrics.

The album’s title track is equally as bouncy and makes use of positive, uplifting lyrics to boost its peppy melody. The track reflects the album’s overhanging theme of voyaging through life, internalising the people you meet and the experiences you have, both good and bad.

‘Don’t Lose Yourself’ is another highlight, it’s melody is slower and the intro creates a raindrop-like effect without echoes throughout the song. This feature, which introduces an electro component to the album, makes it one of the album’s stand-out tracks. The song’s pace picks up as it progresses, but its echoing effect remains as certain lyrical and melodic elements repeat throughout. Finch also has a knack for writing captivating choruses and pop-rooted ‘The Chase’ reinforces this fact.

Ending with the wistful, unconventional acoustic ballad ‘Elaine’, the collective effort of Finch’s tracks make this a memorable debut album.

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Listen to “Life’s Journey” below on Deezer.