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December Streets: Wild Heart feat. Thieve

A quintessential young, wild and free summer anthem.

4 Oct 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Pretoria-based indie-pop outfit December Streets announced their return in a big way last week, detailing the release of their upcoming EP and tour as well as dropping a single tailor-made for summer.

Featuring Andrew Davenport (Thieve, aKING), the EP’s title track encompasses a lyrically charming, relatable motive accompanied by a pop-centric undercurrent. “It addresses the realisation that an old love is moving on and slipping out of your grip,” expresses frontman Tristan Coetzee. “While you’re trying to figure out what is actually happening, the other has already lived a full, different life.”

The search for something which doesn’t want to be found is certainly grounds for heart-rending songwriting. The track also reminiscences heavily about happier times as implied by Davenport: “Remember 23, cheap drinks and ripped jeans; you and me on the same couch for 3 weeks.”

Instrumentally ‘Wild Heart’ takes on a relatively more high-spirited dynamic though. Idyllic Artist vs. Poet-esque guitar lines and a soothing vocal dynamic set the track in motion, soon dominated by dense synth lines and clean-cut electric drum patterns. The indie guitar lines are still integral to December Streets’ mantra, although now they seem to play the understudy to their clear-cut pop direction.

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Listen to ‘Wild Heart’ below.