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Fismits: Anywhere

The Fismits’ “Anywhere” struggles through three varied tracks.

13 Oct 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

The Fismits’ latest EP “Anywhere” features a quirky mix of rock and indie that has some notable issues. There’s a need for structure and vocal consistency that makes itself felt throughout, and perhaps with experience that may yet develop for them.

Opener ‘Anywhere’ is an alternative indie track that, for some reason, clocks in at just under five-and-a-half minutes. A catchy clean guitar riff is countered with piano for a quirky little verse that quickly establishes itself as an earworm and then is followed by a sugary piano-driven chorus. After another round of this, an excess of ideas is lumped into what could have easily been the foundation for several other songs. This also means that the song is much longer than your average indie pop track, which does tend to affect shelf life

‘With Me’ is decidedly more rock-oriented with a few piano led sections for good measure. The vocals suffer from inconsistency and are easily drowned out by the raucous instrumentation resulting an off-kilter track. The band relies on energy more than anything else in making this one work and you can’t deny that they are enjoying themselves.

They close with organ-driven rock in ‘Satellite’. Unfortunately the vocals are once again the biggest issue. At times the delivery is almost tuneless, relying on effort and strain rather than actual intonation in achieving contrast. I’m all for rough-around-the-edges approaches that prefer authenticity but without consistency and intonation, it’s hard to listen to and distracts from the music itself.

I think that everyone is entitled to make and enjoy music, and here the level of musicianship and vocal technique makes the Fismits something more for personal enjoyment than any kind of commercial success.

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Listen to “Anywhere EP” below on Deezer.