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Fresh Flex Friday #21

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

13 Oct 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Nostalgia, powerful rhythms, multi-dimensional sonic landscapes and odes to origin is the order of the day for this week’s feature. We’re gearing up for a killer summer and these are the artists who will be putting in the work and featuring on your playlists the most.

Ella G – love you lose

Currently based in London, Ella G has made a name for herself as a tireless champion of drum n bass among the new generation of local DJs. She has been dabbling in production recently, mostly releasing hip hop instrumentals. Her latest release is a drum n bass track and is worth the listen as a milestone to gauge her progress in the production realm.

Parabyl – Look The Other Way

I run the risk of repetition of praise here, but Parabyl has me dumbfounded with his diversity in releases and progression in quality, the calibre of each new track is taking him to levels that will garner the deserved attention. If you haven’t already flagged him as a producer to watch, I am advising you to do so right now.

The Cine 400 – Plasticine Blues

There has been a lot of commentary recently about the band scene dying out and electronic music taking over. I’ve witnessed ignorant online comments in the vein of interest being lost because playing instruments isn’t cool anymore. But what we are seeing from the new generation of bands is a combining of traditional instruments alongside electronic music with excellent results. The Cine 400 is a great example of this, unison rather than disparity is where the hope lies.

Sloani – Taking To The Highway

Strong pop vocals are a rare gem in the local scene and Miki has power, a diverse vocal range and her tone sits beautifully within this Sloani production. The quality of the beat production ticks all the boxes in terms of mass appeal while embracing signature elements from the producer.

Twin Weaver – Wholesome

I’m struggling to understand how one band is managing to fully encompass the exact measure of nostalgia required to give me goosebumps, make me happy and also have me on the brink of tears. The photo montage in the video is all of us, a wasted youth with our closest friends. Twin Weaver can and must stay, thank you for making this music.

Lady M – Jume

A driving, coercive rhythm draws you in to this track from the outset. This track is a true reflection of the force that is Lady M and the effect she has on every dancefloor. The subtle vocal sample dances around like a ghost amongst the chords and its an absolute dream for the senses.

Buli – Lost In The Void

I’m fascinated by an artist who is capable of deep introspection from such a young age. Buli’s ability to channel the full scale of his emotions into his productions has always been the appeal of his music and while he has adopted a few new techniques in his approach to this release, the sentiment remains constant.

Miki San Tzu x Skulla – Aurelius

An ode to a decade of collaboration and friendship between producer Skulla and rapper / wordsmith Miki San Tzu. From beginning to end the album tells a story of who the artists were, who they have become and offers insight into what the future holds for each of them. The opening track features concert violinist Davina Mae Gordon, whose contribution has added a spine chillingly emotional element to this body of work.

Leeu – Barbary Coast EP

It really doesn’t matter how far into Europe this man travels, his roots are planted so firmly into the origin of his sound that you cannot mistake a Leeu production for anyone else. It has been such an honour to experience the journey of the growth in his sound. The Barbary Coast EP is an emotive showcase of an artist who tirelessly searches for the beauty around him and gives it a voice through his music.