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Well Done Sun Release ‘Over Here’ Video

A synth-infused, space cadet diversion from their acoustic forte.

12 Oct 2017 / / written by Skye Mallac

Well Done Sun’s debut video for single “Over Here” pivots the ever-changing outfit once again on their musical pathway, this time steering them firmly in the electronic-orientated direction they have been toying with for some time.

These new-found psych influences are pushed to the fore from the start. Propelled by a solid grooving baseline and heady drum work, providing a reggae-esque undertow which pivots the songs from an earthen level, the energy seamlessly builds and dissipates in turn. Simplistic, albeit quietly philosophical, lyrics are prominent but don’t take over. Echoing vocals pair with heaving synth work in the chorus while light percussion slips in and out of play.

The music video explores a somewhat more eldritch side to the song. Directed by Tebogo Malebogo and filmed by Tariq Munshi, it’s shot all over Cape Town, but the Mother City is barely recognizable. Both otherworldly and organic at the same time, the focus cuts between a melancholic girl mouthing the lyrics, to inverted cyclists, paper-bagged heads, and a diagonally poised front man in the fynbos. All this while Well Done Sun lay bare the truth of the personal risks we take in being where we are at the present moment, in an almost nostalgic tribute to the overwhelming tendencies of the world.

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