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Fresh Flex Friday #24

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

3 Nov 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Beautiful lamentations, powerful femme energy, gritty garage grooves and some tasty remixed dance music to kick off your weekend in which ever style suits you best. If you like what you hear, click on share and if you can spare the change, click on buy – supporting local music is what ensures more of these magical sounds in our ears each week.

Subterranean Wavelengths – Tides

Micr.Pluto’s Johannesburg based label has always been at the forefront of featuring the best in underground and undiscovered artists in Southern Africa.

The release of the “Tides” compilation is critical, the all female/female fronted acts collection of music features some of the most undeniably devastating femme energy currently making its rounds in the local scene. Tribal Rebel Ludi, who also features on the release, has curated an all inclusive selection from baroque synth electronica and neo-soul R&B to ambient beats and hip hop. This is an education and a satisfying gift for the senses.

Damian Yoko – Simunye (Remixes)

Cape Town based house and techno label Triplefire Music presents the remix EP of producer Damian Yoko’s latest release. Featuring remixes from label boss Ryan Sullivan as well as Matthew Loots and SecondNature. Each artist gives one of Yoko’s tracks a taste of their signature styles, ranging from deeper house grooves to rolling dark techno,

The Deathrettes – Samsara EP

Described as more fiery and urgent than their debut release, The Deathrettes have undoubtedly maintained the groove that originally seduced our senses. ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’ resonates with me the most on this release but the entire EP is killer and worth the investment.

Yum Yuck – Figurals

A lo-fi synth dream, we’ve been teased for months with single releases and finally the full release is here. I close my eyes and imagine these tracks on the soundtracks of movies with lots of driving, tragic love stories, plot twists and bittersweet endings.

Cute Couple – Somewhere Else To Fall In Love

I’m watching this video with rain pouring down in the darkness outside my window, flashes of lighting in the distance and an empty space in the bed next to me. This beautiful song in my ears is so tragic and perfect.

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