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Jameson Cult Film Club: The Matrix

An event where we all felt a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole.

27 Nov 2017 / Opinion / written by Tecla Ciolfi

I was already pretty well-liquored when I arrived at this year’s Jameson Cult Film Club event.

Whether or not it’s entirely advisable to drink craft tequila brewed in the depths of hell before a whiskey party is debatable but, clearly, I like to live life on the edge.

It is refreshing to be served with a dress code that mirrors my day-to-day attire though. Black: like my lungs, my soul and my Mac-stained lips.

Arriving at Mutual Heights, there’s a large degree of tension in the air. I realise that most have been queuing for almost two hours. Charging to the front (shout out to the people who wanted to cut me at this point but refrained) I overhear someone official-looking say that they’re already at capacity. It’s not even 8pm. Uh oh.

I have a few friends standing in the middle of the snaking line. Spoiler: they never make it in.

I check in and am told by a super rude door dude to, “Stand back!” Way to make me feel like a third class passenger on the Titanic, dick.

A little while later we’re inside and truth be told the venue looks exquisite. In the main area there’s emerald green code cascading down the walls of the iconic Art Deco building. Scenes from the movie are being played on screens lining adjacent rooms, with a few lazer beams the only source of light in others.

Tasty-looking Neo look-a-likes are wondering around the sparsely-filled checkered dance floor, while Christian Tiger School attempt to warm the crowd who’re more interested in the open bar.

I wonder around upstairs and down again, attempting to try out a few of the activations but it’s uncomfortably full at every single one. Attempting to avoid painful Capetonian small talk I end up at the upstairs bar chatting to the raddest bartender who’s educating me on how to make killer Jameson cocktails.

It’s only when Kid Fonque takes the decks that I really start to pay attention to the music, Kaytranda’s ‘Track Uno’ grabbing me from the get-go. I peak when the Gqom drops later, although truth be told by that time I’ve gone way too far down that rabbit hole.

You don’t need to be The Oracle to figure out how my night ended, although there is actual video footage of me lying on the floor after trying to dodge bullets ala Keanu.

In 2015 The Jameson Cult Film Club gave me one of the best party experiences I’d ever had with their Fight Club event. Fast-forward two years and the experience was… somewhat different.

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