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Jetson Belle: The Only Way Out Is In

A summery electro-pop compilation of power love ballads.

27 Nov 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Smoothly polished electro temperaments meet cinematic choruses in Jetson Belle’s latest offering, “The Only Way Out Is In”. A fleeting four-track EP from the Pretoria-hailing artist, it was recorded, mixed and produced by Mattheiu Auriacombe. On the whole it is a swiftly rolling collection of beautifully mastered sun sand and sea-esque electro-pop compositions, underpinned by wholesome baselines which lend a full band feel to the tracks.

‘Always On My Mind’ kicks off the EP by bringing lower tone electronic stylings and a vaguely ’80’s feel into the mix. The cruising beat picks up pace as the song manifests into a full blown party track – steeped in tropical essences and backed by easy vocal lines. Higher tone, staccato synths form the bulk melody strain of ‘Birds Of A Feather’, as percussive electro workings build it with cumulative vigour into a rollicking party track. A chiming undertow cuts through the almost cinematic chorus resulting in a track which would sit as comfortably on the soundtrack of a rom-com as it would on a stage. “Later you and I fly together / Maybe we’re birds of a feather / maybe I will love you forever / or I will try for you,” Belle lilts.

Although simplistic in terms of lyrical content, his easy, rolling vocals and high-tone melody lines balance out the love-centric EP. ‘Don’t You Agree’ is infused in lazier, spacey synth tones and a pleasingly off-kilter baseline – while ‘Fountain Of Love’ proceeds at a stepping-stone pace. Pattering undertones and a creeping baseline forge the foundation before a hazy, reverberating melody slots into play – backed by the almost classical elements of piano and strings as Jetson Belle tapers in the energy for the EP to slide to a conclusion.

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Listen to “The Only Way Out Is In” below.