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Laurie Levine Launches New Album In Cape Town

Café Roux in Noordhoek on Friday the 1st of December is where it's going down.

29 Nov 2017 / / written by TATC Staff

SAMA-nominated singer songwriter Laurie Levine is best known for her fresh blend of Americana and folk music. The release of her new solo record, ‘Canyons’, brings with it a whole new sound and outlook. She has moved away from the acoustic terrain of country and folk into a lush world of electric guitars, beats, synths and spacious reverbs.


DATE: Friday 1st December 2017

LINE UP: Laurie Levine
VENUE: Café Roux
ADDRESS: Noordhoek Farm Village- Village Ln and Noorhoek Main Road

TIME: Doors open at 630pm. Show starts at 830pm.


“Canyons started out as a driving song. I didn’t know what or where the destination was. I only knew that it was about some kind of escape, some kind of yearning. For space. For expansion. For wholeness. To the great outdoors where solace can often be found,” explains Levine.

“It turns out that Canyons, in its essence, is about journeying deep into the recesses of the mind to that very still and calm place, that exists somewhere sacred, hidden beneath the surface. ‘Among the stars we spin each moment alive/in the Canyons of the mind/We’ll find a river stilled by the first light’.” Watch the video below.