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Three Witches: Music For Dogs

A counterbalanced two track offering from the Captonian experimentalists.

1 Nov 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Quietly established in 2015, Three Witches is an experimental pop duo whose primary aim in their work is to blur the lines between live instrumentation and electronic melody. Made up of Johnny Coutsoudis and Ciaran Slemon, the outfit have just released their latest offering, “Music For Dogs” – a fleeting two-track EP.

Light, percussive synth lines open ‘Hieroglyph’, which then drop off into a rap-style vocal melody, backed by an off-kilter baseline. Layered vocals trade the forefront, while psych influences dip and out of play in the grounded synth-work, and though the lyrics are visceral, thematic leanings are unclear. “Hieroglyphics spelling sin / laughing at the lives of men / convinced that we’re all aliens”.

‘Fornix’ finds submerged synth and baritone vocals gradually working their way to the surface. Rather more instrumentally-orientated than the preceding track, electric guitar dominates and a soft baseline keeps the track tethered to the earth as floaty, unpredictable vocals bring a more blatantly ’70’s feel into the mix. There are moments when the simple tracks falter for want of being slightly more fleshed out, but for the most part the brief, original offering hits home with grace.

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