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Ursus and Wolf: Move

A conglomerate of alternating genres built upon a sturdy electro foundation.

13 Nov 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Capetonian alternative electro duo Ursus and Wolf has just dropped their latest offering: a five-track EP hot off the press and designed to make you move. Comprised of Nick Trethowan and Justin Olney “Move” sees their sound gravitate a number of supposedly conflicting genres with an easy electro back-peddle which ties the EP together.

Opening on the title track, raindrop light pattering melody sets the tone for ‘Move’ until the heavier beats introduce themselves several seconds in. A solid baseline deeply roots the song, resulting in a grooving techno track which borders on hip-hip thanks to underlying, vaguely distorted vocals which serve almost solely for texture rather than for theme.

‘What Happened’ is soaked in siphoned synths and eerie, baritone vocals. Unpredictable melody and baseline changes pepper the track, while space-cadet synth strains make occasional appearances, as the track attempts to recount a wild night out. An electro backbone keeps ‘Catch Me’ firmly upright in it’s cruising, high-toned state – countered by smooth rap vocals, dropping truths about the gritty edges of the world today.

‘After Dark’ matches its name with distorted, almost drowned-out vocals and a low-tone percussive plucked melody. A darker edge to otherwise mellow track keeps it on its toes as it proceeds at a tip-toeing, almost sneaky pace. This is an EP which picks through genres with almost imperceptible ease. Wafting synths and instrumentation rub shoulders with growling rap verses and heady baseline beats. ‘Conclusion’ wraps things up as a simple keyboard progression undertows layered, staccato vocals bring a distinctly jazzy quality into the mix. “In conclusion / life confusion / we allude from disillusion / forward to the distant future,” Trethowan sings as the EP winds to a satisfying close.

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Listen to “Move” below.