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Win With The Jameson Film Club

Follow us down the rabbit hole and win big with Jameson.

13 Nov 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

Following the previous four installments of the highly acclaimed Jameson Cult Film Club, this year promises to push boundaries even further as The Matrix is brought back to life.

This is a film that is recognized as the most influential action movie of its generation that redefined its genre and created a whole new way of shooting action sequences. Jameson promises an event that mirrors the movie – where anything is possible and where you will constantly be questioning what is real and what is not.

The Jameson Cult Film Club celebrates cult film through creating deeply immersive and highly unique experiences. Only a select few will have the chance to experience JCFC’s version of The Matrix which takes place in Cape Town on Thursday, 16 November.

The question is, “Are you the one?”

If you are ready to live without fear, jump down the rabbit hole and discover the truth you could win 2 tickets to this exclusive event and a bottle of Jameson. All you have to do is comment on the bottom of this post and let us know which Matrix character is your favourite and why.

Winner will be announced and contacted tomorrow via email.

17 responses to “Win With The Jameson Film Club”

  1. Kassandra Kassy Bindeman says:

    My Favorite Character in the “MATRIX” is TRINITY . Not only is she Stylish but she is Strong,tough,aggressive and demanding surely a women who knows how to hold her own.

  2. Keags says:

    Agent fucking Smith yo! How many dudes could make “Mr. Anderson” almost a catch-phrase?

    Plus, those captivating pearly whites and sweetest of all dad haircuts, what more could you want? I ask you sincerely.

  3. Jason Michael Alexander says:

    Surely Neo is my favorite character!? He is the one firstly, he stops bullets 2ndly, he flys and he caused the world to dodge bullets by leaning back

    He just has it

  4. Masood says:

    think Morpheus is the most interesting…he’s the most mysterious…all we really know about his life is that he was the captain of the Nebachanezzar and he used to date Niobe……..that’s it..

  5. Ling Ling says:

    Cipher. he is all of us, portrayed as the bad guy but really just imperfect, we are not saviours and saints.

  6. Tebogo Mampane says:

    Neo is my favourite

  7. Vanessa Buys says:

    I’ve always had a penchant for the calm, collected PVC-clad demeanor of Trinity but when I delve deeper The Merovingian captures my interest significantly more. He had me when he said that cursing in French is like wiping your arse with silk 😀

    Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’enculer ta mère.


  8. Zimangazenkosi Mthimkhulu says:

    Morpheus is the best character ever!

  9. Caro van Aardt says:

    The Keymaker is my favourite, because he is able to unlock all doors, and has an understated knowledge and insight about and into many things in the Matrix. He also has a sense of adventure, and who wouldn’t want to be on that bike with Trinity?

  10. Marlon Du Plooy says:

    Don’t want to sound cliche but definitely NEO aka Mr Anderson!! 😎😎 and let me break down why:

    I was in 2nd Grade when The Matrix came out and this movie literally changed my life! I honestly believed I was Neo! I even questioned the world we were living in😂😂. We had a church/Sunday school dress up party vibe and we had to come as the occupation we wanted to be when we grow up. And guess who I came as. Yes you guessed it…my Man NEO🤓😎LOL! (NO LIES!!) I also remember when the The Matrix Reloaded came out I was too young to watch it at the cinema and Belive me when I say I literally had a breakdown!😑

    So this movie and specifically the character, NEO, just grew my love for film-making and mind-fuckery!! So coming from a person that once believed he was NEO, this event will take me back to that young and free child I was and awaken the NEO in me. I truly believe “I AM THE ONE” to win these tickets🤤🤤


  11. Jessica S says:

    Neo! Not because I lived with a gorgeous kitty named after him but more because Keanu Reeves is an excellent human and it’s a rad film.

  12. Akhona. says:

    Mr Anderson. Neo himself my bru.

  13. Jessica S says:

    Neo! Not because I lived with a gorgeous kitty named after him but more because Keanu Reeves is an excellent human and it’s a rad film.

  14. Riot Waif says:

    The black cat. It represents the time and space collapse and flow. like scenes of a movie / scenes of time in actual life. A blur between the psyche and the the material realm, between reality and make-believe.

  15. Luke Cromhout says:

    The matrix itself. Because there’s no such thing as reality etc. etc… something about Plato’s Cave.

  16. Rach says:

    Neo because I have low standards and a crush on Keanu Reeves 🙁

  17. Kristen van Niekerk says:

    For real, Morpheus. Inspiration and wisdom wrapped in bad-assery.

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