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Win With River Republic

Stand a chance to win a bumper hamper of merch & two tickets to the festival!

7 Nov 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

Christmas might be around the corner, but why not take a little break before then and escape to the River Republic with your friends and family, soundtracked by some of SA’s best DJs and bands?

Sounds like a plan, of course it does and if you haven’t yet secured your tickets, don’t stress, we’ve got the ultimate prize package to the value of R3120 for 1 lucky person to win. The hamper includes:

  • 2 x Full Weekend Tickets
  • 1 x Savanna Letterman jacket
  • 1 x 6 pack of Savanna (variety of your choice)
  • CD collection of artists on the line-up (Jackal and the Wind, Ben Dey & the Concrete Lions, Nomadic Orchestra, Money for Bali, Roxton met Herki and Mobbing Bali)

All you have to do to enter is comment on the bottom of this post and let us know why you deserve this prize more than anyone else. The more creative your entry the better. Winner will be announced and contacted via email on Monday the 20th of November.

Tickets are available to purchase here:

12 responses to “Win With River Republic”

  1. Madelie Skibbe says:

    If theres one thing i seek
    I want to relive that week(end) 🎶🌸

  2. Lisa says:

    I would die and come back to life if I were to win this prize. I’m a student, doing my PhD so I’m in the lab all day, we don’t get much money or time to let loose so winning this would really be multi-colours of awesome. I’m not your typical scientist though… I will party the hardest and rock that Savanna jacket & bikini with utmost oomph.

  3. Cayley Baker says:

    Going to this festival would make my year! As a music-loving-water-fairy-mermaid this festival was made for me. I would spend all day in the water drinking Savanna and dancing to the amazing beats of some of the most incredible local talent 🙂 Would love my partner in crime Sinead Malan to join me 🙂 #pleasepickme #texxandthecity #riverrepublic #savanna 🙂

  4. Kelly Taylor says:

    There is such an amazing line-up of amazing local talent! These bands have really upped their game and have set a new standard for local music. Their live performances are energetic and euphoric and it is something amazing to experience because they all leave their heart and soul up on the stage.
    That is why it would be unbelievably grateful to win this prize! I just want to experience all these artists, in one festival, and just live in the music!

  5. Gloria Merie Grey says:

    Dear Texx,
    It’s my birthday weekend and I would really love it if my best friend can join me.
    I’ve worked at festivals but I’ve never seen it from a festival goers point of view.
    Please help us out.

    Lots and lotd of love.

  6. Joné Smith says:

    I really really need this!
    I am in the middle of my final medical exams after 6 years of long and hard studying and my fiancé decided that now is the best time to break up with me.
    Seeing as I don’t have a wedding to look forward to anymore, I think a weekend of sun, fun and no worries with my bestie Estee Willers would be the best way to celebrate our (hopefully if I get through this) degree and maybe drown some sorrows.

  7. Lindsay Powell says:

    Dear Texx
    I would absolutely love love love to win this weekend away! This would be my first music festival ever and it could not come at a better time. The weekend of this festival is two days after my grueling BSc Honours final exams and this would be an ideal celebration with my best friends. I just had my heart shattered two weeks ago and this would honestly be just the therapy I need, to focus on music and good friends 🙏🏻 After all that’s happened this year I feel like I deserve this ray of sunshine! I adore the line up this year and would love to support my friends playing 💜 I also collect CDs and they are always playing in my car so the extra merchandise would really be appreciated. I am so pumped about this event, please pick me!🙌🏻🇿🇦

  8. chris_dossantos says:

    I live for local music and local music festivals. To be able to see all those artists and still take home their cds would be a bonus! Plus I’m like the only person ever to be allergic to barley so I can’t drink beer, so I drink Savanah most of the time anyways.
    Please pick me because I stay in Jhb and need an extra excuse to see my Cpt friends and take them there 😀

  9. Daniella Krinsky says:

    It’s a trip Round The Bend with Jackal & The Wind,
    A Brothers Remedy to get away from our MT Seas,
    and my priorities,
    ‘cuz Breede’rly swimming to the Well Done Sun with Los Tacos might be… Kiff.

    Don’t have to go Mobbing Bali to get über Hans Zen, na,
    I Knowles I’ll be in the same Whatsapp Group with Texx and Savanna.
    We’re gonna Orchestrate my 2017 plot twist,
    To get Nomadically Astrafunked at River Republic.


  10. Mari Botha says:

    I’m desperately in need of a little escape from reality, got myself a blowup dinosaur costume that I’ve been needing an excuse to wear 🙂

  11. Joné Smith says:

    Hey Texx! When are you announcing the winner to this competition?? Im hanging from my hair points in anticipation meeep

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