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Win With Savanna Blackbeard

Stand a chance to win R15 000 with the new rum-flavoured Savanna.

22 Nov 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

The pirate’s life is not for everyone and neither is new Savanna Blackbeard. Only the truly unapologetic need apply.

Scoundrels who loot, pillage and steal flavour and give nothing back. Seadogs who sail into the eye of the storm and return with tales of a golden cider with hints of dark rum, oak wood, vanilla spice and a finish smoother than the captain’s peg leg.

Positioning itself as a cider that only the “chosen ones” have the pleasure of sipping, Savanna Blackbeard has woven a fun fable that tells the tale of a pirate crew who stumbled across the golden liquid in Barbados whilst ransacking a town.

The pirates soon realised that the recipe for their liquid treasure had to be kept safe so that no one could ever replicate the taste.

To keep this golden elixir a secret, they never remained in one place more than a few settings of the sun. For if they did, the recipe of the golden liquid could be stolen and lost to them forever.

Enter here to win Blackbeard’s Treasure.