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Briqueville: Live At Dunk! Festival 2017

Briqueville’s live set shows a band that’s considered all the angles.

1 Dec 2017 / Opinion / written by Stian Maritz

Briqueville’s latest is a video of their full live perfromance at the Dunk! Festival 2017. It’s a live set that is rooted in unsettling minimalism. They have a notably focused philosophy on post metal that utilizes anonymity and atmospherics for an experience that is as unsettling as it is fascinating.

Each song in Briquevilles set picks a specific thematic device –sometimes a melody and sometimes a singe note- and slowly builds upon it. As a result you can expect loads of droning and regular use of atmospherics to further spice things up. This repetition becomes akin to an occult ritual as every new idea is fleshed out. Briqueville’s visuals are nothing short of intentional: they perform in black hooded robes like those of the Nazgul in Lord Of The Rings so there’s an instant connection to all things sinister and foreign.As a final touch a projector behind them blasts angry static all the while.

As with the recordings, truly palpable heaviness is only an occasional part of Briqueville’s set. In the live setting the animosity of these sections is much more aggressive in the presence of adrenaline and audience, an aspect clear from the band’s body language as they go from eerie stiffness to pronounced swaying.

Watching this band at a metal festival must be a unique experience indeed. They have a firm grasp on the value of theatrics and visuals in the overall experience. It’s also music that asks for patience from the listener as ideas develop, establishing Briqueville as an altogether different sort of lumbering beast from the rest.

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