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Daniel Basckin: Archive

Daniel Basckin’s debut delves deep into the endless potential of the acoustic guitar.

21 Dec 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

Daniel Basckin’s debut EP “Archive” is focused solely on the potential of the acoustic guitar as an instrument for composition on its own. The five tracks are a celebration of its creative possibilities, ranging from folky to modern influences.

The first two tracks ‘Bonair’ and ‘Finnegan’s Jump’ are markedly quirky folk skits that sit around the two minute mark, fleeting moments where a mood has struck, is captured, and then the EP moves on. But where Basckin really shows his true colours is with the latter two tracks of the album.

‘Quarkspin’ features producer, and guitar powerhouse in his own right, Guy Buttery. It sees Basckin toying with a fascinating rolling rhythmic concept and finding some interesting musical avenues to wander down. And ‘’Manning Road’ is the crown jewel of the EP for the impressive range of moods and techniques used, something more in line with modern fingerstyle players than the folky influences on the former half of the album.

Overall, this is another talented musician attempting to push the creative limits of one of history’s most tonally versatile instruments. It has great value for lovers of instrumental music –folk in particular- and is beautiful in its simplicity.

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