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Fresh Flex Friday #26

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

1 Dec 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

As we stagger into December, we head into the month of relaxation and celebration, peppered by a party or two here and there. But we also head into a month that is very emotionally taxing and difficult for many people. This week’s selection is a rollercoaster of every emotion and mood we could possibly encounter in December, for your listening pleasure.

Raptors and Remnants – Serpent Sound

The debut solo offering from Nicolas Gonzalez, lead singer of Jo’burg alternative rock band, Climate Control, is an excursion in emotional honesty, facing demons and accepting truths that are often difficult to confront.

Pharrell Williams – Can I Have It Like That (Adam De Smidt Redo)

I’m a sucker for a great bootleg and throughout my DJ career I’ve not stumbled upon a a decent remix / bootleg of this track, until now. Grooving house rhythm with technically and creatively excellent sampling, not much more that can be asked of a track flip.

Moonchild Sanelly – Thirsty feat Rudeboyz (Maramza Remix)

The real trick with a Maramza remix or rework is that he manages to tap into the unexplored groove and dankness of a beat, in a way that is so unequivocally Maramza. Its one of a few times I would say its an honour to have a producer run your personal projects through the ringer, because it always results in gold.

Dutchkid – Wildflower

A few weeks ago I lost my marbles over this project, and here we are with another beautiful track that I have had on repeat more times than is healthy to admit. Get this track into your playlist and share it with everyone you know, its almost Christmas so it’s time to start handing out gifts.

Morning Moves – Minus

A brand new driving yet melodic techno offering from the enigmatic Cape Town producer who stealthily navigates his way through the overwhelming drone of arguably the city’s most popular genre.

Umlilo & Whyt Lyon – DL Boi

This video is a wild celebration of queer fabulousness, and could easily have been shot in the 80’s as much as it is completely 2017. The accompanying track exudes the energy captured in the video, a perfect pairing.

Cute Couple – Tired of Feeling Lonely feat Alice Phoebe Lou

Let’s talk about what heartbreak sounds like, but in a way that you welcome it with open arms. Thats all i hear when I listen to this track. An eery combination of being the happiest and saddest you have ever been, in one moment. Pure excellence.

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