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Fresh Flex Friday #28

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

29 Dec 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

As we round off an excellent year in South African music, I can’t help but acknowledge the role of the consumer in supporting local releases. Thanks to people taking interest and investing their time in what’s happening on home soil, we are able to sustain a platform like Fresh Flex Friday and support the artists who work hard and share their art with the world. Let’s kick off 2018 with the same spirit and continue playing our part in nurturing our homegrown talent.

Sean Munnick and Early B – Do It Duidelik

Waking up on a roof, aftermath of a house party in the background. And then do it all again. The “Do It Duidelik” track has already caused waves with the classic Munnick bouncy low-slung bassline in combination with Early B’s GFunk inspired proudly POC rhymes, if you didn’t have this song bumping on your playlist you will want to after seeing it flex at a house party.

nic preen & the world of birds – baboo

There is a voice you don’t realise you miss until you hear it in a song. And Nic possesses that voice for me. It’s the smell of the sea in a breeze, summer holidays and that moment just before it gets too dark too stay outside and you have to leave the beach.

ORACLES – Faults

There is a comment on this track on Soundcloud that says, “haven’t listened yet, know its gonna be gold.” To have that kind of unwavering faith from your fans is an accolade every musician should want to achieve. And without fail, this ambient vocal sampled, shoulder shaking future bass groove is nothing short of what we’ve come to love from ORACLES. This is a must for your holiday roadtrip mix.

Parabyl – Entanglement EP

This is an excursion into the depths of this young producer’s talent. And he’s brought some friends along with features by the likes of M(x)Blouse and Tzara plus a remix from Rose Bonica. The unity and collaboration amongst this generation of producers is inspiring and wholly refreshing. Support it for the culture, love it for the music.

PURE – Treasure

Purity is the embodiment of modern punk spirit. So authentically true to her art and character with no regard for prescribed bullshit. Her voice is beautiful. Her art is arresting, haunting and yes, pure. Get to know her, this is what you need in your life.

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