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Jeremy Loops: Waves

A long-awaited, sun-soaked, summery release from South Africa’s troubadour.

11 Dec 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Three years down the line, numerous European and North American tours and a whole lot of pivotal festival performances down the line, and Kommetjie-hailing Jeremy Loops has dropped some new music. ‘Waves’ is the lead single off his upcoming album, due to be released on 16 March 2018, and is accompanied by a blissfully blue, oceanic music video which encapsulates his new trajectory with polished purpose.

Directed by Ben Brown, the video is shot in Mozambique and features oceanic sunrises, a Land-rover navigating winding rural roads among swaying palm trees and a whole lot of surf. Beautifully filmed with both rolling blue underwater shots and sweeping aerial counterparts, it portrays with idealized, clarified flair, a love for the ocean. Island vibes ooze from every pore, but rooted African influences slip through in saturated frames of locals preparing fishing boats and staggering aerial footage of two humpback whales slipping through the chromatic water.

Although accompanied by his trusty acoustic guitar throughout the sunset-soaked live shots of the video, Jeremy has taken a rather more electronic approach to this offering. Electric guitar lines and electro melody form the foundation upon which the song is built. African elements weave in and out of play with mild percussion and choral backing vocals, while Jeremy’s familiar, roughened vocals unpack with simplicity the role of the ocean in his life: “I want to be water / skimming rocks in my soul again / pebbles on Long Beach slowly turning into sand.”

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Listen to Waves below.