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myageisdigital: Air

A fascinating smorgasbord of sounds.

7 Dec 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Elmarie Kruger

“Air” is the third full-length album by Johannesburg-based musician myageisdigital. With musical styles ranging from electronic to almost choral, “Air” is a fruit salad of inspirational sounds. In keeping with previous releases, the album employs production techniques indicative of a well-seasoned creative.

It opens with the sinister and almost unnerving ‘A Dot’. Fittingly, the track that follows is titled ‘Everything Starts From A Dot’, which allows the preceding track’s musical “dot” to blossom into a full-bodied artwork.

The album has an eloquence that allows it to work well as narrative whole, with each track flowing into the next like an engrossing novel. Standout tracks include the mesmerising ‘Reverie’, which embodies that ambiguous state between waking and sleeping that humans often struggle to put into words.

‘Faint Overhead Powerlines’ has a vibrant, more industrial quality to it and smacks of Aphex Twin, while ‘In This Arc’ has a more urban feel to it with a beat that makes me think of what a city’s heartbeat might sound like – thumping, pulsing and rough.

Never stagnating, the album then introduces the upbeat, synth-driven ‘Waves’, which is a far cry from the album’s eerie opening. Even different still is ‘Denim Vulture’, which is more ambient and atmospheric.

“Air” is an album that commands attention, not by being the loudest or most vibrant, but by slowly revealing its subtle intricacies as you visit (and then re-visit) its hypnotic contents.

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Listen to “Air” below.