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Snapbvck: Forget The Name

An EP that is easily accessible without being vapid.

1 Dec 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Angela Weickl

After completing a national campus tour with Red Bull Live and charting on radio with two singles, this electronic future bass hip hop duo from Durban has released their debut EP. Ryan James and Rhys Fataar AKA Snapbvck have managed to strike a balance between very distinct modern pop influence, funky basslines and smooth rhythms that make the tracks easily accessible but not vapid.

The progression of the EP structure eases the listener into the experience, by the time you reach the half way point the beats become more danceable and upbeat. The aptly named ‘Lift You Up’ marks a turning point in the energy on the release and if you make it this far in one listening session, you’ll definitely commit to the full EP. The stand out track for me is ‘Nightlife’ as its reminiscent of The Weeknd/ Daft Punk projects and has darker undertones than the rest of the release. I appreciate the array of featured artists on the various tracks as I don’t recognize many of the names, a concept that excites me as I get to experience new voices.

Music like this is usually a hard sell for me, because I take exception to the exploitation of progressive synth sounds and too many repetitive wonky basslines, regardless of how fat and juicy they might be. I do, however, recognize the appeal to this duo and will definitely give them the benefit of winning me over live before I make any final decisions.

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