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Vern Daysel: Blood Of A Wolf

Vern Daysel expertly delivers a bold southern rock album.

29 Dec 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

Vern Daysel’s latest effort “Blood Of A Wolf” is focused unwaveringly on Southern rock, bringing with it the twanging guitars and drawling vocals that the genre is known for. Although the genre has its feet firmly planted in the south of the United States Daysel manages to capture its spirit faithfully.

The album starts with titular track ‘Blood Of A Wolf’ and its laid back rumble. Even in the chorus Daysel maintains a laid back approach with just enough crunch on the guitar to keep it in rock territory. In every sense it’s a faithful representation of what’s to come for the rest of the album.

The entirety of this album is a balancing act between rock and country elements. Sometimes it’s raucus with a greater rock orientation (‘Blood Of A Wolf’) and at other times more subdued in the country vein of things (‘Bright Lights’). It allows for as much variation as the genre can take. You can also expect a fair share of guitar worship with exuberant guitar solos a la Lynard Skynard and chords that ring out in all their golden valve-driven glory.

Rock anthem ‘Letting Go’ is one of the album’s highlights, building from to a subdued acoustic start to a stadium filler of a chorus, as good as it gets for Southern rock anywhere. This and the rest of “Blood Of A Wolf” will be a worthy contribution to his chosen genre that does not cover any new ground lyrically or musically but rather seeks to deliver faithfully, and in that sense succeeds many times over.

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Listen to “Blood Of A Wolf” below.