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Fresh Flex Friday #29

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

12 Jan 2018 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

A new year represents change, opportunity and exciting challenges. One way to celebrate this and stay motivated is with new music, and this week’s selection is an excellent combination of tracks to get your 2018 crate digging off to the right start.

Gourmet – Jamaica

A bumbly lo-fi dream sequence of multi-intrumental weirdness wrapped in a song that is both complex and simple in its appeal. Complex in composition and spacial placement of the sonic elements with a simple but effective lyrical repetition. I’m already humming the song, long after it has stopped playing.

The Surreal Sessions – 4 Da Taxi

That gritty, raw and repetitive appeal of gqom and sghubu is perfectly captured in this two track release, aptly named ‘4 DA TAXI’ because all I imagine is sitting in the back of a Toyota Quantum speeding down Sea Point main road with the seats vibrating and the windows rattling.

Jon Casey – Caliber EP

Laced with the kind of beats you’d dream of hearing on your favourite rappers summer mixtape, Jon Casey delivers a devastating punch with this EP. Ridiculous levels of power and flow, definitely going to be repeat on my playlists for a while.

Gemini Major and Patoranking – Bang Bang

There is a beautiful mental transition that happens in your relationship with an artist’s music once you’ve had the opportunity to see them live. The combo of Gemini Major and Patoranking on Bang Bang is certified fire, and being able to imagine this in real life makes it even more dope. Check out the new video and get your Friday groovy like, Bang Bang!

Sumo Jac – Wraith / Spectre EP

There is an undeniable talent in Sumo Jac, and he usually makes us wait far too long between releases which is a blessing and a curse. This new EP is a great progression is in his sound, exploring the signature Sumo sound while introducing unexplored elements to audience. What more could you ask for?

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