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Win With Fokof Lager

Stand a chance to win a lekker Fokof Lager hamper.

9 Jan 2018 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

Fokofpolisiekar has managed to do what few SA rock bands could and extend their brand beyond that of music. Fokof Lager is a masterclass in identifying and understanding your target audience and its success is testament to their adaptability.

First there was the Dagdronk Blonde Ale, next the Antibiotika IPA, thereafter Hemel Op Die Platteland Amber Ale and finally the Skyn Heilig Weiss Bier. At the end of last year they dropped 340ml bottles at various locations around the country and we managed to get our hands on a nifty hamper to giveaway to one lucky person. The hamper includes:

  • 1 x Fokof Lager 6 pack
  • 1 x Fokof Lager t-shirt
  • 1 x Selfmedikasie album
  • Assorted Stickers

All you have to do to enter is drop a comment on the bottom of this post and use “Texx and the City” and “Fokof Lager” creatively in a sentence. Easy. Winner will be contacted on Friday the 12th of January.


19 responses to “Win With Fokof Lager”

  1. Douglas Romanes says:

    Yo, what a night of Texx and the City last night! Could not stop watching as Barri, Sam, Charlie, and Murry were hit on by the ladies all night, while sipping their Fokof Lagers chatting about the latest sports results!

  2. Jade Warren says:

    Fokof Lager se jy?! Dan laat ons fokof Later na Texx and the city se website toe om die fokken ding te wen!”

  3. Ek se fokof jy se lager! “Fokof Lager”,
    Kom ons maak n draai by “TEXX and the city” en kyk wat skud ons reg om die hamper te WEN!

  4. Johann Witbrood Botha says:

    This one time I entered this Texx and the City Fokof Lager competition, It was my first day back at work after a kick ass holiday, on a Tuesday nogal … I thought hey why not me … maybe 2018 will be my year … What happened next will blow your mind ….

    I was contacted on the 12th, on a Friday nogal …
    apparently I won, twas great …

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Jan-Hendrik says:

    The Zombie drug, flakka, can finally be experienced in the new Fokof lager as reported by Texx and the City’s editor, Tecla Ciolfi, who is also working with CT police investigator, Hunter Kennedy, to track down the skelm man, Snakehead, responsible for it all and causing students to mosh in traffic during peak hour. #IWantToBeFofofLagered

  6. Nick Watts says:

    Die hond blaf!
    Just kidding…

    Sorry, my Afrikaans is pretty terrible and “fokof!” is probably the extent of my vocabulary…


    But I do love beer… like, love!
    Like, more than my firstborn son.
    If I had one…
    So, like as much as my UNborn son…

    And literally, the only thing better than beer is free beer. So don’t let my first-unborn-son’s love be overtaken by beer for nothing!

    Cool beans.

    Love you, Texx and the City.
    Aaaaand love you too, Fokof Lager.

  7. Retief says:

    ek drink,
    ek drink Fokof Lager, onder die straatlig,
    onder die maanlig
    sê vir my as die kompetisie verby is
    Ek bly verveeld en my bene is seer,
    ek staan voor Tex and the city se deur en my kop klop.

  8. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    When you have had enough of Texx and the City, it may just be time to Fokof Lager

  9. Durand says:

    Drinking a bezza with my mate on night and wysed that I wanted to fokkof nou. He said allright but in reality he wanted Fokof Lager. That’s fine, jokes on him, he can stay, I had 4 seasons of Texx & The City on my Netflix waiting for me at home.

  10. Retief says:

    ek drink,
    ek drink Fokof Lager, onder die straatlig,
    onder die maanlig
    sê vir my as die kompetisie verby is
    Ek bly verveeld en my bene is seer,
    ek staan voor Texx and the city se deur en my kop klop.

  11. Chris Theron says:

    Daar is nog baie Fokof Lager om te drink en kak praat by Texx and the City voor ons die wêreld begin reg maak.

  12. Thys Kukkuk says:

    What is this beer!? Where did it come from!? Nectar of the Gods! I believe each bottol’s label is rolled on the inner thigh of a beautiful Cape Town girl. Each cap is moered on with a drum stick and every case is sealed with a manly handshake! Drinking Fokof lager and visiting Texx and the city at the same time might make you feel like a God, but don’t be fooled. It’s nectar of the Gods, you’re only human after all.

  13. Du Toit van Staden says:

    “Ek dink ons vat dai stuk kak kar van ons, en ons fokof (lager) na Texx and the city!”

  14. Jan-Hendrik Jacobsz says:

    Starkle starkle little twink
    who the hell you are I think
    I’m not under what you call
    the alcofluence of incohol
    I’m just a little slort of sheep
    I’m not drunk like tinkle peep
    I don’t know who is me yet
    but the drunker I stand here
    the longer I get
    Just give me one more Fokof Lager
    to fill me cup
    ‘cuz I got all day sober
    to Texx and the City up.

  15. Pieter Steyn says:

    Surfing through Texx and the City on a wave of FOKOF Lager!

  16. JP says:

    Texx Lager and the Fokof City sounds like a great name for a beer.

  17. Matthys van Eyssen says:

    Ek sit afgesonder op ‘n parkiebank met ‘n Fokof Lager in my hand en kyk na die selfoon toring van Babel. Dis in my bloed baby, ek kort selfmedikasie want ek is cool, maar ons is fukt up. Ek belowe jou dat ek glo in die son, maar nie so baie soos ek glo dat Texx And The City die beste blog op die internet is nie! Well done ouens met die beste musiek blog in Afrika toekening! Julle is befok!

  18. Thomas says:

    Man I get kwaai sometimes!
    When feeling stressed I give the authorities the finger and skreeu “Fokofpolisiekar!!!”
    I asked my mate Texx and the City for advice and he said, “Draw the relaxing lifeblood from the ideals of Passion, Liberation and Independence and you will find true sustenance!”.
    I did!!!
    Tastes like Fokof Lager to me!

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