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December Streets: Magic

The band explores the harsh realities of love in perhaps their most candid song to date.

23 Feb 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Fresh off their recent EP “Wild Heart” which was released last year, the Pretoria-hailing indie-pop outfit’s latest single, ‘Magic’ finds its feet with a synth-heavy, emotion-soaked finesse. Thematically something of an antithesis of a love song, the track explores the harsh realities of relationships and their gut-wrenching demise with catchy strains and roughened lyrics.

Opening on a significantly more electronic wavelength than they have previously favoured, pregnant synth pulses and an intermittent baseline forms the backbone of the track, while layered and slightly affected vocals take to the fore. With Dane Steinhobel making his debut vocal contribution alongside Tristan Coetzee for the first time, a slightly different dynamic is added to the sound as a whole as the vocals build upon themselves and the two trade the responsibility with ease.

While the cruising melody is bred for radio play, the slightly harsher lyrical context draws upon the rare candidness of the pain, anger and the remaining love which accompanies the splintered end of a relationship. “I loved you/ so fuck you/ for saying that you loved me,” Coetzee intones as he lays bare the rawness heartbreak.

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Listen to ‘Wild Heart’ below.