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Fresh Flex Friday #33

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

9 Feb 2018 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Space X just sent a Tesla Roadster to into orbit, with an astronaut chilling in the driver’s seat. An impressive leap for the future of humankind. Even more impressive, is this week’s selection of fresh tracks to keep you going through the weekend. There are a stack of massive parties happening across the country, wherever you find yourself, rave safe and don’t be a dick.

Superstar Ace – Wassa Wassa

Just one year short of a decade behind the mic, Nigeria’s Superstar Ace has shared the stage with the likes of Davido in the span of his career. Wassa Wassa means naughty, and this cheeky self produced track is a fine combination of autotune pop vocals, future trap beats and a tinge of tropical rhythm.

Deslynn Malotana feat Andy Mkosi – Black Love

Beautifully nostalgic, soulful celebration of heritage and promoting pride of self, and uniqueness of ones own beauty. This is a preview to the single which will be released on the 14th of February for Valentine’s Day.

Nyota – Purification Project EP

Labelled Trazz (a fusion of trap and jazz) this 17 year old’s music is a fresh voice in the new generation. They represent a shift in the narrative of non-binary, non-conformist artists that will speak life into the future of our music landscape. Bless your mind and ears with this magic.

Jumping Back Slash – Everything I’ve Sacrificed In This World Is No Sacrifice At All Compared With What I’ve Sacrificed

All my favourite elements of a JBS production wrapped into one – raw and deeply emotional, affronting and coercive, just rude enough to ensure you keep coming back for more. You don’t get to be complacent when JBS is out with the new.

Obe Bomaye – Pile On

It’s a banger, text book derivative Western-influenced rap track, but a banger. And when it’s irrefutably great as a party track you can’t fault it. We’re not all here to break moulds, some of us are here to embrace why the mould exists.

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