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Lost&Found: Snakes And Ladders

The duo return with heavier material for their second album.

1 Feb 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

Lost&Found return with their second offering “Snakes And Ladders” and this time round there’s less folk, more rock and almost no guest features. The result is a more varied album that allows the duo to explore their own creative avenues with a great many ups and downs along the way.

Opener ‘Riff Song’ mixes the duo’s angriest guitar sound to date with an upbeat vocal melody and Oosthuisen’s usual heavy-but-speedy approach. If you’re familiar with the debut you’d be forgiven for double checking the album cover to see if it’s the same band. There’s more over-driven guitar on this track than the entire previous album’s tracks combined. This signals the most prominent change in store for “Snakes And Ladders” courtesy of a heavier sound and subsequent move from singer-songwriter territory to radio-accessible rock.

It has the flavor of the SA rock royalty with whom they rub shoulders written all over it, especially in the golden sheen of guitars a la Heuwels Fantasties or the mashing riffs that nod to Van Coke Kartel. There are still a few singer-songwriter tracks thrown in for good measure, providing occasional contrast throughout.

Lost&Found’s evolution raises a few question marks for their future live performances. While the previous album wasn’t heavy enough to disqualify it from a stripped down acoustic live set, there are a few numbers on “Snakes And Ladders” that would need a serious overhaul. And even when songs are quiet there’s a fair bit of instrumentation going on, certainly more than the duo have limbs for on their own. So it’s going to be interesting to see how all of this is translated live, whether that be with additional members or a backtrack.

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Listen to “Snakes And Ladders” below.