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Made For Broadway Release ‘Seventeen’ Video

A video that captures on-the-go tour madness, despite someone forgetting the GoPro.

2 Feb 2018 / Interview / written by Tecla Ciolfi / Pic by Henk Steyn Photography

There’s no denying that pop punkers Made For Broadway are on top of their game at the moment. After pretty much out-performing Alien Ant Farm at their Good Luck Bar performance and releasing their most slickly-crafted album to-date, it’s nothing but full steam ahead in 2018.

I caught up with bassist Brogan Thompson and drummer Tate Sutton, ahead of the release of their new single and video for angsty anthem ‘Seventeen’, to chat about their astute work ethic but more importantly, pizza toppings.

Tecla Ciolfi: It’s been a while since we last spoke, there’s been quite a bit happening in your camp and now it’s a little over 7 months since Tate Sutton joined replaced Rob Storm on drums. How’s the band dynamic now that Tate’s settled in, has it changed at all?

Brogan Thompson: We have never had to deal with a line-up change before so it was surreal at first but Tate’s energy has given the band a new life. I think without his jokes and beautiful face these last seven months would have been brutal. He has definitely unified the band in a way that we never expected.

TC: I suppose it was easier to form that bond in the studio because he joined and then you jumped straight into recording “New Heights, Same Lows”. How was that energy in studio?

BT: At the time there was so much pressure with finishing the album and getting ready for AAF that we had booked a photoshoot for an hour after Tate’s audition! We were confident in Tate’s playing and within weeks he felt like part of the family. Plus watching Tate record the whole album in three days through blisters and broken sticks, It was obvious Tate cared about this album as much as we did.

Tate Sutton: When I first joined I thought messing up would have me booted so naturally I just had to be better than that fear and show the dudes what I do. I was super pumped to be in the studio with Broadway! My first full album recording. I learnt a shit load from Brogan and the journey has been wild ever since.

TC: So your new video for ‘Seventeen’ is a rad little glimpse into the madness of the Alien Ant Farm tour and I love how you’ve maintained your DIY ethos. Did you set out to make a video or did you review what you’d captured and think, ‘We got something here.’

BT+TS: GAAAAH Justin forgot the GoPro for two of the shows! Hahaha! We had planned to film a whole bunch more, luckily the BroadwayFam sent us so much dope footage that we could actually turn what we had into a kinda okay video.

TC: Am I right in saying that you guys didn’t have an official album launch? The album dropped end of October and then you went straight into the Alien Ant Farm Tour, which I suppose is as good an album launch as any. Do you have any plans to tour again soon? (Please say yes Cape Town is obsessed with you)

BT + TS: Totally, we never had an official album launch. Admittedly, launching at the same time as the AAF tour wasn’t the best choice for focusing on the album. It was quite difficult to be travelling and promoting. Of course! We already have plans to see you guys with Bowling For Soup on the 29th of March!

TC: How were the Alien Ant Farm dudes to tour with? Did they give you any nuggets of wisdom and more importantly have they invited you to play with them in California because that seems like no-brainer to me.

BT+TS: The AAF dudes were really rad! Meeting people that are living out your dream job was super inspiring. Hearing stories from their journey was a real treat. We share likes and stuff with Timmy, the beautiful bassist – but he has yet to invite us back to the US [Coughs].

TC: So what happened on tour that didn’t make the video cut and what happened to that age restricted footage?

TS: Generally, when we were out and about we didn’t have our phones or cameras cause most of our pants don’t have pockets – Girls skinny jean life – but honestly all the good stuff made it into the video.

BT: Ah well, they didn’t allow me to film in Mavericks [Coughs again].

TC: Also, I know we’ve been threatening to have that pizza for a while now and I know we all consider ourselves pizza connoisseurs so I wanna know, what would your ultimate pizza topping combination be?

TS+BT: As a band we always settle on the classic Pepperoni but if it’s from Pizza Perfect it’s the Nachos pizza all day! Avo, BBQ chicken, nacho chippies and pizza awesomeness.

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