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The Muffinz: Where You Are

A mildly electronic diversion to compliment the soul legends’ new make-up as a quartet.

6 Feb 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

With no less than five SAMA nominations under their belts and two full length albums, Jozi-hailing eclectic jazz outfit The Muffinz just dropped their latest single, ‘Where You Are’. A cruising electro jazz offering thematically exploring love, decision-making and the act of connecting with someone beyond the physical but rather a deeper connection of fidelity which reaches beyond physical bounds.

The band parted ways from bassist Karabo Moeketsi at the end of last year and this single sees their sound turning in a new, rather more electronically orientated direction.

The track is founded upon a prevailing, dulled baseline which sets an off-kilter rhythm, while a singular guitar melody builds upon it. Backing, choral vocals weave in and out of play, while the band trade the vocal limelight with easy grace, providing textured, chocolaty, varying strains to the track.

Cruising and echoing, with mildly electro-affected chorus lines and a starkly African backbone which leads the track full circle, without ever losing pace. “I feel where you are,” echoes back and forth within the chorus, while the band finds their feet in newly progressive waters.

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Listen to ‘Where You Are’ below.