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TRCRS: The Watchtower

A bouncy, feel-good summer anthem from established pop-rock Cape Town band TRCRS.

26 Feb 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Maya-Rose Torrão

The guys from TRCRS banded together in 2015 have been making and playing music together in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town ever since. Their new single “The Watchtower” is a synth-pop number that exudes a twinkling optimism. The track also has a mature quality about it that shows TRCRS are really coming into themselves as a band but maintains the carefree energy of their songs that make them such an enjoyable band to listen to.

The guitar overlays created in “The Watchtower” twinkle around each other, boosted by exceptionally well-placed lines of synth and a chugging drumbeat that refuses to let up. Joshua Richter’s vocals are edited and layered to add to the nostalgic summertime feeling of the whole track, singing lyrics that are cryptic and slightly melancholy.

On the whole, the track is a very easy-listening number, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its complexities. The instrumentation on the track sits perfectly with the vocals and the way that the main melody keeps coming back along with the defiant synth sounds gives the song an anthemic quality. The track was released in the tail-end of last year and this power-pop-rock number is a great way for TRCRS to transition into the new year and take 2018 by the balls.

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Listen to ‘The Watchtower’ below.