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10 acts you shouldn’t miss at Bazique Festival 2018

Miss these acts and you’ll miss out big time at SA’s brand new eclectic festival.

6 Mar 2018 / Opinion / written by Skye Mallac

Cape Town, if you haven’t heard, there are some new kids on the the block and they’re set to kick off their inaugural festival in just ten days time. Bazique is the brainchild of a collaborative of South African party architects who have joined forces to create something completely different.

Alongside human ten pin bowling, mermaiding workshops and Moulin Rouge inspired banquets and ballrooms, here are our top 10 live acts you would be silly to miss.

Trenton & Free Radical (Friday, 16:20, Live Stage)

Spearheaded by one of Cape Town’s most progressive facets of the electronic music scene, Trenton Birch, these guys have been quietly circulating the scene for years now with an infectious blend of reggae, ska, electro stylings topped off with a generous dose of gangster-esque socio-environmental poise. If you haven’t caught them yet, get there early on Friday for a energy-fuelled afternoon boogie to start off your festival.

Jimmy Nevis (Friday, 21:40, Live Stage)

With the goal to bring alternative pop back to the fore of the South African music scene, Jimmy Nevis has an brand new album hot off the press, multiple award nominations under his belt and a cruising, tribal-esque edge to his radio-friendly sound.

Toby2Shoes (Friday, 23:00, La Fee Verte and Saturday, 23:30, The Protea)

Well-known, loved and navigated within the local scene, renowned beat-connoisseur Toby2Shoes has played every local trance party and electro gig, right down to pants-less silent sunsets on Clifton. Renowned for his seamless integration of a licorice allsorts-style of sound – party sets stitched together with techno, swing, Afro-beat and an assortment of randomly selected trimmings – this is a boogie well worth your while.

Felix Laband (Saturday, 12:00, Corona Ukudlala Beach)

He has performed on stages from the Cape Town International Jazz Festival to Ortigia (Italy) and never missed a beat. Enigmatic Cape Town DJ and producer Felix Laband forms a solid aspect of Cape Town electronica with his non-formulaic, minimalistic sound and set for a midday slot to get your Saturday cruising.

Ard Matthews (Saturday 17:00, Live Stage)

This should go without saying, given his extensive and prolonged contribution to South Africa at large. The long time front man of Just Jinjer will take to the Live Stage for what is sure to be both an intimate and rollicking solo set from the rock n roll legend.

Mano Le Tough (Saturday, 18:30, Corona Ukudlala Beach)

Bazique has pulled together an impressive number of international acts to celebrate their debut event – nine to be exact – and Irish DJ Mano Le Tough is just the start. Former resident of the beating heart of Europe’s techno scene, Berlin, and now based in Switzerland, he weaves an indelible performance of what he coins apocalyptic calypso house. 

Foreign Beggars (Saturday 21:30, Live Stage)

Having garnered a reputation as one of the UK’s most versatile underground hip-hop acts, with 16 years of performance under their collective belt, the trailblazing trio have become something of a crossover act, as their sound evolved over the decade to encompass their electro-centric leanings of today.

Jews For Techno (Saturday 01:00, La Fee Verte)

All about the hummus and the limitless boundaries of the the non-rational sphere of techno, Chaim Dropabassky and Dancey Yudelowitz’s current project is the lovechild of a multi-instrumentalist and a DJ, offering a sound which has gravitated over the years from New York, to Berlin, to Beit Lechem and back.

Atmos (Saturday, 03:00, The Protea)

Stay up for this one – it’ll be a sunrise to remember. Make that Saturday night stretch for a good old-fashioned stomp on the shores of the lake to Atmos’ atmospheric, multi-textured progressive trance set as he weaves 20 years of experience into a multi-textured, rhythm-centric early hours boogie.

Sadhu Sensi (Sunday, 08:00, Corona Ukudlala Beach)

Andrew Winer, better known by his stage moniker of Sadhu Sensi has been a stoic circulatory of the electronic sphere both locally and globally for the last 11 years. Having recently played Boom (Portugal) and Global Eclipse Gathering, he has been pushing South African boundaries with his eclectic combination of downtempo beats and organic instrumentals, sure to bring on an exceptional Sunday funday.

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