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Brett Newski releases ‘Ride’ video

A hum-along song with cute DIY visuals that'll make you feel like taking a road trip across Texas.

14 Mar 2018 / Opinion / written by Maya-Rose Torrão

The new music video for Brett Newski’s song ‘Ride’ shows how much fun you can have making a video with just one dude, a car and some dance moves.

The visuals are edited to create an “old-skool” feel, with film-reel graininess and sepia-toned colours, which pairs well the upbeat 90’s indie-kid energy of the song. With this video, Newski actively rejects the “cool kid” aesthetic of glass, steel and clean lines and let’s his freak flag fly – the video is basically a compilation of his super dorky and loveable dance moves.

I like that the video doesn’t try too hard to make a point or give some sort of moralistic lesson, but rather just makes you smile and think about every time you’ve been on a road trip with your mates, just goofin’ around. A lot of musicians will take themselves too seriously when it comes to something like a video release and can often end up with an end product that is generic and lacklustre, so it’s wonderful to see something like ‘Ride’ which celebrates not being perfect. Newski can count us in for his next road trip.

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