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Devilspeak: See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil

Devilspeak master both stamina and creativity for their debut EP.

12 Mar 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

Devilspeak take aim at the extreme side of metal as they incorporate elements of death, thrash and metalcore for their debut EP “See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil”. It stands out from the very beginning for the sheer amount of ideas that they manage to squeeze into each song.

Even though there are only three tracks on this EP there’s a great deal of material to chew on. Tracks range from four to five minutes each, which can be problematic for some bands when operating at such high tempos. But Devilspeak manage to keep things interesting all the way through owing largely to their ability to mesh different influences.

‘Honoured By The Bleeding’ is a relentless opener that sets the tone for an EP is not for the faint of heart. Then ‘Unearth Hell’ follows with a bit of ‘80s heavy metal in some of the guitar hooks that’s countered by modern shredding solos so they achieve the best of both. They have a similar tendency to counter blazing double bass drumming with a few well-placed breakdowns that do not always appear where expected, offering the occasional but welcome change of scenery. This is particularly effective in closer ‘Internal Sharapnel’. With all of this going on, the throat-rending vocal performance still manages to push things along by sheer brute force, showcasing several registers along the way. What this leaves you with is three tracks with absolutely all of the bases covered.

But it’s the sheer stamina involved in “See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil” that leaves the greatest impression. Lamb Of God famously built their reputation from rehearsing for an obscene amount of time to hone their craft. The attention to detail that Devilspeak is prone to seems to come from a similar place and that’s as high praise as you’ll ever hear for bands in this neighborhood of metal.

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