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Frame Janko: Eyes On Fire

A riff-heavy debut rooted in an ambiguous take on the rock n roll genre.

1 Mar 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Almost a year in the wake of their debut release, ‘Keep Her’, which saw the Joburg hailing three-piece firmly holding to an evasive image they chose to define themselves by, Frame Janko drop their debut full length offering, “Eyes On Fire”. An eleven-track rollicking, head-banging, and yet surprisingly deft indie rock project in which the band firmly plant their feet within the local scene.

‘Not Your Playground’ kicks off the album with a strange combination of muffled electro stylings, followed by a steadily built rock ‘n’ roll riff into which it launches fervently within seconds. “You’re playing games, I’m not your playground,” is issued forth in growling, clarified vocals.

For the most part, the central theme throughout the album is that of exploring the rather less than savory aspects of relationships. ‘Keep Her’ is founded on a solid baseline and navigates the exhaustion of keeping a relationship afloat, while ‘Small Talk’ exposes the superficiality of the title in action. ‘Nostalgia’, although lyrically sparse, also finds its feet in the muddier waters of love.

The sound itself is a carefully textured combination of indie influences, and heady rock ‘n’ roll. The titular track is dominated by growling, guttural baselines and an easy rhythm, while ‘Smoke Signals’ incorporates a prevailing, squealing staccato nuance which feeds in a frenzy into stoic baselines.

Underlying veins of psych influence weave their way in and out of play, surfacing more patently in ‘Guilty’ and ‘More Money’, whose gritty, grinding melody digs its heels firmly into the genre. ‘Feeling Alive’ concludes the album on a eerie progression which balances gentle verses with powerful choral riffs. “When last were you feeling alive/ can you tell me?”

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Listen to “Eyes On Fire” below.