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Fresh Flex Friday #37

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

9 Mar 2018 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Wading through the din of banter and misinformed agendas on social media can be tedious at best, but if you persevere you will be rewarded with great gifts.

Some such gifts come in the form of a heavyweight selection of new music to populate your weekend playlist and soundtrack every emotion that may reveal itself in the next few days.

Subterranean Wavelength – Wiretribe Compilation

There is a general consensus that Johannesburg embodies an inimitable magic that can be felt in the air but more importantly is being embraced in the music being produced in the city. This new compilation from one of the city’s most groundbreaking labels is all the proof you need that the rumours are true.

Pierre Johnson – Movin’ On

I have seen word of this track posted and reposted so many times on my timeline in the past week that it’s impossible to ignore. And within the first minute you can understand the excitement, this warm and seductive deep house offering from Pierre Johnson is a game changer conjuring nostalgia but illuminating future perspective too.

Londi Lion – One Light EP

Dub reggae folk with warm basslines and raspy vocals. When i pressed play on this EP i did not expect what I heard, I’m intrigued and pleasantly surprised. The bulk of music being made locally in this style are represented my male voices and Londi is a welcome and necessary addition to the fray.

Kalushi VA Sampler 2018

Kalushi Recordings is the local label run by Rob Toca and Darren Murphy who utilize the platform to showcase emotional and unconventional African house and techno. This new collection is a cross section of what the label has in store for its audience in 2018.

Parabyl – Never Be The Same

One of my favourite local producers is back with another release, rolling deep synths and choppy ambient vocal samples run amok in the mix – just the way I like them. And true to the name, if this is the first time you’re hearing Parabyl, your idea of what it on offer from the new generation of underground producers will never be the same.

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