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Oppikoppi 24 announce theme and date change

Nomakanjani, ladies and gentlemen.

9 Mar 2018 / Opinion / written by TATC Staff

The people have spoken and it seems as though Oppikoppi has heard them, returning to their original dates over the first weekend of August.

Today also sees Oppikoppi release their annual theme / festival name alongside a batch of Early Bird Tickets. Check out the festival’s official announcement below in their trademark Koppi jargon.

Vini! Vidi! Mud! Not!

OppiKoppi Date to Move Back to August and 2018 Festival Name


Howzit South Africa’s finest.

We were silent for a bit, but here we are now.


Again. (Like Roger Federer but with fewer Rolexes).

2017 was a very interesting and fun year for us. Belgian investment, lots of experimentation with dates, acts, partnerships with our friends at Rocking the Daisies and plenty of behind the scenes manoeuvring in the small bar.

We are super excited about some of the developments in the festival. It is crazy to think that 2018 is the 24th year of OppiKoppi. Demographics and tunes keep changing; ffs, 24 years ago we did not even know what festival dynamics were. Or how to spell and use demographics in a sentence. Especially an English one. Really feels as if OppiKoppi has become an organism of its own, with the organisers and the fans just being role players along for the ride. Which is not a bad job if you can get it.

For 2018, we had a long hard look at where we are at, all the experimentation of 2017 and also where we want to go for the next decade or so. And here is what we came up with:

Dust and Tunes.

We are really happy to say that we will be moving back to August. No rain, no mud. Normal unadulterated chaos and hedonism, mixed with just enough tunes and friends. Nomakanjani.

Which brings us to another thing: is that not a fantastic theme idea for OppiKoppi:


In fact, why don’t we just make that happen ladies and gentlemen?

Announcing: OppiKoppi 24 – Nomakanjani – 9-11 August

It helps that this was also a Brenda Fassie classic from 1999. Put it on 11 so long. And we will see you in the bushveld comes August.

Trouble will find you.

In dust we trust.


The OppiKoppi Crew