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Strait-Jackal release ‘Crazy Dave’ video

A poignant wild-card warning wrapped in carefree sound.

16 Apr 2018 / Opinion / written by Skye Mallac

Expertly navigating the unfortunate, but far from uncommon, theme of a friend sliding down the slippery slope of drug abuse, Benoni-based four-piece Strait-Jackal deliver some slap-in-the-face truths dressed in quirky sound in their latest single and accompanying video, ‘Crazy Dave’.

A roughened, jangling electric guitar opening gives way to cruising acoustics, steering the sound into funk-infused territory while rap-style vocals rub shoulders with growling guitar work.

“He’s got uppers and downers / he likes to turn his world around on the weekend,” front-man Josh van der Benoni drawls, sprawled on a couch in a smokey morning-after room filled with sleeping party-goers.

The visceral, tequila-soggy video follows Crazy Dave himself as he navigates his self-destructive day – from early afternoon drinks in a bar with friends he’s all but lost touch with, to a purple-washed club in which his detrimental habits are thrown into the light. Black Label in hand he wreaks havoc as he progressively becomes more wrecked.

“He used to be a good lad, before he went bad, probably go to rehab,” Josh continues, while the lyricism begins to slip to the surface as the seriousness of the song is flashes behind a veil of catchy melody and groovy aesthetic. Watch the video below.

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