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Three Witches & Tzara: On The Beach At Night Together

A compellingly unique collaborative EP awash in experimentation.

11 May 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Cape Town pop duo Three Witches have paired up with fresh new producer Tzara to create a beguiling EP, which sees each artist coming into their own with the fresh fervour of collaboration.

“On The Beach At Night Together” pivots around the central theme of wanting to emotionally log off in a sea of connectivity, carefully broaching a topic so quietly prevalent in 21st century life. The cathartic offering, the result of two years of ongoing work, is steeped in psychedelic tones and dark, dreamy electronica.

A pattering, off-kilter beat opens the EP on ‘Furies’. Vague hip-hop influences surface as Johnny Coutsoudis and Ciaran Slemon’s vocals interweave one another, with Tzara’s lilting femme presence slipping into play. “I was never built for your rat race,” she asserts in silvery vocals, and it’s airy and hollow in its percussive depth.

‘Hard Pressed’ navigates the hardships of early adulthood, with wayward grace and a beatbox-esque undercurrent serving as the baseline, as poetic lyrics weave tapestries.

Awash in chiming, brassy textures, otherworldly, eerie synth strains are rife and welcome in ‘Unicorn Hair’ and ‘Hades’. Light, percolating electro lines thread ‘Tracing Furs’, while ‘Widdershins’ is dark and starlit in it’s whispering sound and captivating lyricism: “Trying to leave you can keep control of me / no remorse of course / I’m not a sentimental one.”

The EP as a whole appears as something of an ode to the twists, turns and the struggle of authenticity in one’s twenties. It’s experimental, it’s deeply relatable, and at times profound.

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