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Parabyl: Stages of Grief

A showcase of the tumultuous spectrum of emotions that afflict the human experience in times of loss.

14 Sep 2018 / Opinion, Review / written by Angela Weickl

If all coping mechanisms and recovery efforts could be prescribed this 2-step program, my mental health would have an incredible support system. I’ve been sold on Parabyl since his first release. And accompanying the journey of his growth through technical prowess, and understanding of the intricacies of the music he makes, has felt like watching a mighty tree grow from a sapling.

There is an element of bravery that Parabyl and his peers possess that I have not witnessed since I first set foot in the music industry more than a decade ago. Being able to experiment, take risks and disprove formulas is stuff of my predecessors, yet has characteristically fallen away in recent generations perhaps due to the ease of access to technology and resources.

This Cape Club release, “Stages of Grief”, is a showcase of the tumultuous spectrum of emotions that afflict the human experience in times of loss. It begins with a burgeoning sense of foreboding with “Gently” and the tension increases with an overwhelming urgency by the time you reach ‘Frankincense’. We’ve reached the bargaining phase with ‘Mechane’ where the pull of the grief is in a battle of counterbalance with our desire to pretend we’re OK. The chaos is a clear indicator that our old friend denial has entered the fray. ‘Broken Anyway’ alludes to a secession from the darkness and an acknowledgement of the reality of your mental state. However, having crept through the mire, the inevitable conclusion is one of hope and healing. Concluding the release, ‘Tiger’s Eye’ is an ambient, synth laden groove that ties the EP off as a powerful package.

Parabyl’s ability to elicit these emotions through bass music is one of the only reasons you need when deciding to invest your time in this release.

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