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Prime Circle release ‘Innocence’ video

A masterclass in capturing the essence of a song.

6 Sep 2018 / Opinion / written by Daniel Luckhoff-Wessels

With Gavin Davis at the helm of Prime Circle’s new video for single ‘Innocence’, the end product captures the confusion that comes with trying to maintain a shred of innocence in this bizarre, confusing world.

Shot mostly in ever-effective black and white, there’s a poignancy to this piece that will touch even the most hardened of hearts.

Matching the minimalism in the music, every shot is simple and neat and creates a sense of living in one’s own head. Within this moody, introspective atmosphere there’s a touch of innocence in the video that finds its way through the grayscale with children skipping around a forlorn looking Ross Learmonth and a Boston terrier tearing down a corridor in slow-motion.

This innocence is juxtaposed by shots of gambling, whiskey, and dead cigarettes as the song calmly, almost morosely, makes its way through the trials of adult life.

If a music video is meant to be a visual extension of a song then this video is almost perfect. Watch the video below.

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