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Category Archive: Competition

Win With Savanna Blackbeard

22 November 2017 / Competition

The pirate’s life is not for everyone and neither is new Savanna Blackbeard. Only the truly unapologetic need apply.

Scoundrels who loot, pillage and steal flavour and give nothing back. Seadogs who sail into the eye of the storm and return …

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With With Maribou State

21 November 2017 / Competition

Maribou State’s sound is eclectic, downtempo and steeped in classic hip-hop and their new album is basically updated trip-hop.

They’re the discotheque trailblazer duo that will make everyone’s night, and they will be performing with Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, …

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Win With Andrew Sutton & shoX Speaker

20 November 2017 / Competition

TEVO, the holding company of shoX, is continually looking to try new approaches and action disruptive ideas that will create value for their retail partners and customers and this is exactly what they’ve done by partnering with musician Andrew Sutton.

This is …

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Win Tickets To Experience Boiler Room x Ballantine’s #TrueMusic

16 November 2017 / Competition

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s are committed to supporting and celebrating uncompromising artists who do it ‘their way’.

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Win With The Jameson Film Club

13 November 2017 / Competition

Following the previous four installments of the highly acclaimed Jameson Cult Film Club, this year promises to push boundaries even further as The Matrix is brought back to life.

This is a film that is recognized as the most influential action …

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